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who can talk in farsi or turkey?I can talk in 2 language and can help whom want to learn those insha_allah ^_^



salam Fatime..

i can speak persian a little bit..and would u to teach me


i know arabic and persian..can read and write a little bit..


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Okay brothers and sister what words would you liek to learn?

i cnat start of like this:

Benim Ismim "Shaheeda"

My name is "Shaheeda"

Or you culd have said

Benim Adim "Shaheeda"


Ben Iranliyim

I am Iranian :)


Give the sentences that you would like to learn, and i will try to translate them for you brothers and sisters :D

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awwwwwww i just love the sound of turkish words!!! so nice :wub:

i've been to turkey 2 times and stayed there for about 2 months. i learned some stuff but unfortunately that was like 8 years ago so i dont recall them no more... :(

thank you brother, ayatollah malang, for offering to teach us :rolleyes: .

you'll get bombard very soon with sentences to traslate for us :!!!: !

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thank much from ur kindly replies to this. ^_^

and thank very much for ayatollah malang for helping too in it and lady persia for her pay attentions...... ^_^

after this time who want to learn farsi and turkey can give help from me brother ayatollah malang insha_allah......

but I can help in azari and farsi language ,and he can help in other type of turkey.......(azeri is on of the type of turkey ;) )

u can send ur sentences in engish and then resieve farsi and turkey instead of that insha_allah...... :D



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Thanks Fatemeh jan and Ayatollah Malang for offering to help..

It might be easier to begin with words rather than sentences. Looks good so far. :)

awwwwwww i just love the sound of turkish words!!! so nice

I completely agree!

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Ben de Türkçe veya Farsça öğrenmek isteyenlere yardımcı olabilirim. :)

I can also help those who want to learn Persian or Turkish.

Heres some basic turkish

Nasılsın? How are you?

Ne var ne yok? Whats up? lit whats there whats not

Ne what

iyiyim im good

kötüyüm im bad

sağol thank you lit be healthy

teşekkür ederim thank you

how old are you kaç yaşındasın

nerelisin where are you from

nere where

nerede at where

nereye to where

nereden from where

anne mother

baba father

kardeş brother

kızkardeş sister

nereye gidiyorsun where are you going

niye why

türkiyeden misin are you from turkey

ingilizce biliyor musun? do you speak english?

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from today insha_allah we start new easy words in farsi and turkey insha_allah ^_^

english farsi turkey

hello salam salam

how are u? hale shoma chetor ast? nasislsin?haliz nejade?

thank. mamnoon. mamnoon.tashakoor

my name is fatemeh name man fatemeh ast. manim adim fatema de

I am student man daneshjoo hastam man daneshjooam.

I love u man asheghe to hastam..... man sane sevaram.

goodbye khodahfez, or, khodanegahdar hodahafiz

I hope that they are useful for beginners insha_allah....insha_allah in next reply we can learn more things .... ^_^



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