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Vitamin D deficiency and Muslim women

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On 4/10/2016 at 2:37 PM, khudr said:

just today my mom told me "go get some sun" but then I reminded her that I can't take off my hijab, not even in our garden (since at least 5 houses overlook it). She got upset (it's been only 3/4 weeks I've started wearing it) saying that I will have severe deficiencies. I guess she has a point (I'm lactose intolerant + don't eat fish). I will try my best maybe to put a shield or something on my balcony railing and sit down so nobody can see.

If you have light skin, a 10-15 minutes of sun on hands and face will be enough. If you are darker skinned, you can either spend more time, or try to get sun on more of your skin surface. 

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I read somewhere that the USA and Canada are the countries which consume the highest amount of dairy (and of course spend the most time at the beach and expose the most skin) however osteoporosis rates are the highest in those countries.

Countries such as India (I believe?) which do not consume much dairy actually had very low osteoporosis rates. 


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After your doctor has someone take a sample of your blood, you might be prescribed Vitamin D. If anyone, male or female, is hesitating about taking Vitamin D, the price is not expensive. I take one tablet each week and here in the US a one month supply is less than $7. If you cannot afford a blood test, you can take over the counter Vitamin D. Of course the dosage is lower than a prescription, but the price is also lower, ranging from $3 for a 3 month supply up to $6 for a 12 month supply. 

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