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Your Favorite Noha Khawan?

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Mine favo is Mukhtiar Sheedi its coz I am saraeky bacha howeve I like all of them but his take me closest to the scene of Karbala! If you have never hear any of them here are som links...listen to them and vote!

Meer Hasan Meer (Urdu)


Hasan Sadiq (Saraeki)


Nadeem Sarwar (Urdu)


Ali Waris (Urdu)


Syed Ali Deep Rizvi (Urdu)


Mukhtiar Ali Sheedi (Saraeki)


Mewa Khan Kaleri (Saraeki)


Press 1 to vote now! ^_^

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well i like punjabi nohay more, n the anjuman i like is dar-e-batool... they read urdu n punjabi nohay...

but i will check sheedi'z nohaz too inshAllah

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im from lucknow 1001111% lucknowiiiii!!!!!!

and u havent hrd those nohay coz we dont publicise them :blink: the ones on the net are not of good sound quality :donno:

Edited by Nida_e_Zahra

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Nadeem = singer

Asalam Alaikum

How are you all?

Bro I would request you to refrain from such comments please, since we do not know his niyyat, and at the end of the day he is a zakir-e-ahlebait contributing and gaining sawab more than we may even know. Please don't take offence.

Bro Hasnain, I've also heard of mukhtar Shedi, he's very original and genuine Mashallah!.

You ask whom takes us closest to the scenes of karbala? In my opinion it would have to be 'Sachey Bhai'? from Anjuman-e-Zulfiqar-e-haideri, and Ali Zia Rizvi from Anjuman-e-Ghamkhwaran-e-Abbas. In muharram I only recite their nohays, although they are quite old they are still all time high and favourite all over Karachi.

For anybody intesrested, kindly check out Imambargah.com.

Allah Hafiz


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Best Nohakhan i heard has to be Katri lot...then Nisar Haider - both from lahore...

u go bbk :D

east or west

lahoriz r the best :shaytan:

btw did u listen to this yrz noha??? shehr ka jo hota hay??

do u go there??

o btw u live at begumpur???

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* I'm not from Beghumpura - I'm from London.

*Nah i didn't hear that Nauha...

* Lahoris' are cool lol.

o ok u asked bout beghampur i thought u r from there :D

btw do u know this noha? " jawangi teray nal may islam bachawangi"

if yes then which anjuman read it???

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Ali Zia Rizvi's , and Hassan Sadiq's Urdu Nohas (I dont understand Saraeki, so..)

Oh and I do like that anjuman.. ermm I dont know what its name is, but bro. BKK might know.. the noha he sent, it goes liek "Hassan (as) Roza-e-Nabi mein Dafan kiun na ho saka.."

and also.. Hal chal hay foj-e-shaam mein..

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Hi there peer

'Hal chal hay foge shaam...' lord i thought nobody would know that noha, its ever so old, but its awesome!

I was wondering since u live in paks, have u met Ali Zia Rizvi and know-abouts of his house in Rizvia? I understand he's in America now, just curious...

Also BBK i fele quite ignorant but is 'sangat' another name for the term 'Anjuman' which is used in Khi and other places? Thanks



Edited by Malek-e-Ashtar

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For all those Hasan Sadiq lovers. My dad almost smashed the CD Player when I put Hasan Sadiq on...he asked me to pull out the CD and neva eva put it in again...i asked why he said he is showing off his singin talents! like aaaaaaeaaaaa...aaaaaaaaaaaa he knows how to sing and thats what he is doing in the noha

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