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Your Favorite Noha Khawan?

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Mine favo is Mukhtiar Sheedi its coz I am saraeky bacha howeve I like all of them but his take me closest to the scene of Karbala! If you have never hear any of them here are som links...listen to them and vote!

Meer Hasan Meer (Urdu)


Hasan Sadiq (Saraeki)


Nadeem Sarwar (Urdu)


Ali Waris (Urdu)


Syed Ali Deep Rizvi (Urdu)


Mukhtiar Ali Sheedi (Saraeki)


Mewa Khan Kaleri (Saraeki)


Press 1 to vote now! ^_^

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well i like punjabi nohay more, n the anjuman i like is dar-e-batool... they read urdu n punjabi nohay...

but i will check sheedi'z nohaz too inshAllah

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im from lucknow 1001111% lucknowiiiii!!!!!!

and u havent hrd those nohay coz we dont publicise them :blink: the ones on the net are not of good sound quality :donno:

Edited by Nida_e_Zahra

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Nadeem = singer

Asalam Alaikum

How are you all?

Bro I would request you to refrain from such comments please, since we do not know his niyyat, and at the end of the day he is a zakir-e-ahlebait contributing and gaining sawab more than we may even know. Please don't take offence.

Bro Hasnain, I've also heard of mukhtar Shedi, he's very original and genuine Mashallah!.

You ask whom takes us closest to the scenes of karbala? In my opinion it would have to be 'Sachey Bhai'? from Anjuman-e-Zulfiqar-e-haideri, and Ali Zia Rizvi from Anjuman-e-Ghamkhwaran-e-Abbas. In muharram I only recite their nohays, although they are quite old they are still all time high and favourite all over Karachi.

For anybody intesrested, kindly check out Imambargah.com.

Allah Hafiz


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Best Nohakhan i heard has to be Katri lot...then Nisar Haider - both from lahore...

u go bbk :D

east or west

lahoriz r the best :shaytan:

btw did u listen to this yrz noha??? shehr ka jo hota hay??

do u go there??

o btw u live at begumpur???

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* I'm not from Beghumpura - I'm from London.

*Nah i didn't hear that Nauha...

* Lahoris' are cool lol.

o ok u asked bout beghampur i thought u r from there :D

btw do u know this noha? " jawangi teray nal may islam bachawangi"

if yes then which anjuman read it???

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Ali Zia Rizvi's , and Hassan Sadiq's Urdu Nohas (I dont understand Saraeki, so..)

Oh and I do like that anjuman.. ermm I dont know what its name is, but bro. BKK might know.. the noha he sent, it goes liek "Hassan (as) Roza-e-Nabi mein Dafan kiun na ho saka.."

and also.. Hal chal hay foj-e-shaam mein..

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Hi there peer

'Hal chal hay foge shaam...' lord i thought nobody would know that noha, its ever so old, but its awesome!

I was wondering since u live in paks, have u met Ali Zia Rizvi and know-abouts of his house in Rizvia? I understand he's in America now, just curious...

Also BBK i fele quite ignorant but is 'sangat' another name for the term 'Anjuman' which is used in Khi and other places? Thanks



Edited by Malek-e-Ashtar

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For all those Hasan Sadiq lovers. My dad almost smashed the CD Player when I put Hasan Sadiq on...he asked me to pull out the CD and neva eva put it in again...i asked why he said he is showing off his singin talents! like aaaaaaeaaaaa...aaaaaaaaaaaa he knows how to sing and thats what he is doing in the noha

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      Poor child Adam! His death time is unknown, the causes of his illness are unclear, his action is reserved, his mosquito bites him and kills his sunshine, and his sweat makes his body perverse. 5  6. Preserving shield These are the common people of the Melchizedek, the fatha of the Holy Ghost, the testimony, and the holy prophecy. 
      Along with every man, there are two angels who protect him, so when the grace comes, they are separated from him and the guardianship is guarded. 6  7. Unworthiness of the world Lahan Allah Almighty Allah Almighty Sufi Allah, Lakan Allah Suleiman Bin Dawud Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, and Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Merciful. The flame of the stoopy, and the long time, Rametha Qassi al-Fana'a, the son of Alamoth, and أصبحت الديرار منه خالية, و المساكن معطلة, and the gods of Achaheron. 
      If anyone could find a ladder for eternity, or lead a way to repatriate death, this person was certainly Sulayman ibn Dawood (peace be upon him), which was the kingdom of the jinn and mankind for him, with the office of the prophet and the great rapprochement with God. When he finished his day and ended his life, he pointed to the arrows of the dead bodies of death. The city was empty of him, and the dwelling was empty of his estate, and his family lost his inheritance. 7  8. The distance between heaven and hell We are between the two countries and the Middle East and the Middle East. And the end of the tenets of the feast, and the tidings of Allah, Allah, and His Messenger. And the unbelievers say, "Allah and Al-Nahar, you have a great deal." And you are the one who loves to have a good evening. 
      Your distance from heaven or hell is not more than death, the life that passed through the moments and the death of it destroys, it will certainly be short, and deserves to be short. The passing of day and night will lead to it and will end soon, and a traveler who brings happiness or brutality should take the best birth and luggage. 8  9. Shield against death على من الله جنة حصينة, فاذا جاء يومى انفجت عني و عسلمتني; فحنعذ لا لا ياتش السلم, و لا يبرأ الكلم. 
      God has given me a firm shield. As the day of my death comes, it shields me and gives me death. At that time, no bullet would go wrong and no wounds would improve. 9  10. Dedication and predestined eagerness الي عبدالله بن العباس: Funk list is close to Ajlak, and Lamarzouk is Lysa Lak. 
      He addressed to Ibn Abbas: "You will not overcome death and you will not receive what you are not." 10  11. Everything is funny Maenjou I am Alamut I am afraid, and لا يعطي البقاء من أحبه. 
      Anyone who fears death will not be emancipated and any whoever loves life will not always live. 11  12. The Greatness of the Difficulties of Death This is the first time that you have been tested by your team, and you will be asked about it. 
      Indeed, death has difficulties that are more difficult to describe, or fragments of the people of the world can understand it. 12  13. The end of the worldly life I pray Alamut, and I am at the bottom of Allah. 
      With knowledge and knowledge, fear of death will come to an end and end with the death of the world. 13  14. Neda Angel This is the name of Malek, which is the name of the whole city: Ludwah, and Lampa, and Abu al-Nahlab. 
      Allah the Almighty has an angel who cries every day: Go together to die, gather for it, make it to be destroyed! 14  15. Hidden Ann أجله (النسن) مستور عنه, و أمله خادع له. 
      Indeed, death is hidden from the point of view of man and his dreams are deceiving him. 15  16. Specific Awl إن لكل أجل وقتا لا لادو و أببا لا يدججا. 
      Each time has a certain time and time, which does not pass from it, and causes that it does not violate it. 16  17. Short in actions ألا و أنكم في أيام أمل من ولا أجل; فمن عمل في أيام أمل before the presence of أجله the missing part of the Amal, and لم يضرره أجله. And I am the Qassur of the Ayam before the presence of Allah, the loss of the Amalah, and the shame of Allah. 
      be aware! Everyone is in the dreams that the pursuit of the will, therefore, everyone who before his time arrives at the same time of his dreams, his actions will benefit him and his death will not harm him, and the one who during these days Desire and shortly before the death comes, he will be caught and his death will be harmed to him. 17  18. Hostage for action Faraway Abad Allah, we are against the fief and most of all, and I am afraid of Allah, and the Lord of hosts; I am afraid of you, and Medin is ours. 
      O servants of God! Observe what you are doing because of your respect for your prosperity and your loss to your criminal misery and work before your adventures, because you are the hostage that you sent in advance and paid for what you did. You go 18  19. Overcome death ! بادروا الموت الذي ان هربتم منه أدرككم, و ان أقمتم أخذكم, و ان نسيتموه ذكركم. 
      Overcome death, because if you escape, it will detect you and if you stay, it will take you and remember you if you forget it. 19th  20. Death And Allah, our Lord, Allah, and Allah, come to the Kareetha, Vlaha al-T'ali, and we are Allah, the Qur'ab of the Word, and the great and wonderful. 
      I swear to God that there is nothing like death that suddenly reaches me, and that I will despise it, and it will not reveal anything to me that I did not recognize and refuse to do. I am like someone in the quest for death, at night, thirst over him, and now he has come to the water, which is in the hope of something, and now he finds himself desirable. 20  21. Be prepared to die ! Badrova Alamut and Ghamratah, and Umdhvah the pre-cursed, and the pre-cursed أعدوا لش قبل. 
      Get ready for its deaths before it comes to picking up a peak for you, before you land it, you will be ready to accept it. 21  22. Readiness for death This is the case of the failure of the Holy Qur'an, and the consoilation of the Faithful, and the Prophecy of Allah. The list of the Faithful ... And we are between the Divine and the Divine, and the Almighty, the Almighty, the Almighty, the Prophets of Allah and the Supreme Leader. Peace be upon you, and Al-Sadr to the retribution of the descent, and bring it to the next, Almut Neda'm and La Kabbah. 
      Get ready for death, your shadow is wide and you are like a group that woke up quickly when they exclaimed on them, and there was no distance between none of you and paradise and hell except for the death that comes upon him ... from the Great God We want to put you and us in a group that does not pride them in the blessings of the world and they have no purpose to bring them back from the righteousness of justice and they will not regret or regret after death. 22  23. Comprehensive Badrova is the first and most beautiful and most beautiful and most beautiful people in the world, and the people of the world have a great love for them. 
      Precede It is the same death to prepare you for the reception of an all-encompassing all that involves each of you with a special quality, and you see the people with the sure destiny of death before your eyes and your resurrection from behind to your own. Rand, style! Come on! Except that the ancestors are waiting for the coming. 23  24. Death You will receive a copy of the letter and you will receive a copy of this letter. 
      Hurry to action and fear the sudden arrival of death, because the hope that there is a return to the day is not about the return of life. 24  25. Get ready for your trip ! We are the best and most important for you. 
      Get what is for you eternally from what you will not stay for and stay awake for your journey, and see where the electricity of salvation shines, and ready to move from this world by preparing your journeymen! 25  26. Best Deaths ن أكرم الموت الطلل! و الذي نفس ابنعبى طالب بيدة, لالف ضرببت بالسيف أهون على من ميتة على الفراش في طائعة الله ! 
      Verily, the best deaths are killed in the cause of Allah, to the god who lives in Abutaleb's son in his hands, I swear that a thousand blows of swords are easier for me than death on the bed besides the obedience of my Lord. 26  27. The world's most devastated people This is the story of Al-Nas Safqat and أخيبهم سعيا رجل العقللق في الحلقة الله و لم تسععده المقادير على الرحمن الرحيم, فخرج من الدنيا Bahraste, و قدم على اللهره بتباث. 
      The most disadvantaged people in their trade and the most unsuccessful in their efforts and efforts are a man who desires his own property and does not assist his will with his will, and then he will grow up with regret and regret and to come to the Hereafter with his welfare. 27  28. Last Will of Imam (AS) ( Fatima and the Assumption of Lābna Al-Hasan (as): The Prophet of God and the Dead. و عاصله خير القضاء لك في العاجلة و الأجلة, و الدنيا و آلاخره, و السلام. 
      At the end of his will, his son, Imam Hassan (peace be upon him), said: "My son! I give God and your dignity to God, and I will give you the best command and the divine law today and tomorrow, and in this world and in the hereafter, I ask you, Wslmam. 28  29. Death Note I am most of you, Dakar, Almut Razi I Al-Daniya Balisir. 
      Anyone who knows too much about death will be pleased with a little bit of the world. 29  30. The Result of the Hereafter I'll remind you later . 
      He who will remember the journey of the Hereafter will prepare himself. 30  31. Remembrance of Resurrection Toby Leman Zekr al-Mā'ad, and the act of paying for the Qalat of Balakfaf, and Razi'An Allah. 
      Blessed is he who remembers the resurrection and works for the account of the Day of Resurrection and is satisfied with the livelihood and is pleased with God. 31  32. Hurry to good ones I am promoting Alamut Saras al-Khairat. 
      One who cares for death will accelerate towards good ones. 32  33. Remember to die ! Most of us mention Alamut and we are later Alamut, and La Tethman Alamut ala, in a condition of faith. 
      Remember most of all death and the world after death, and do not wish it except on a firm and firm stand! 33  34. Fear of death Badrova-al-Am, and Khafwa Batchat-e-Allajl. 
      Do good deeds and fear death! 34  35. The cause of the world is demanding The height of the ghost is the death of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah ! 
      The memory of deaths has dried up from your hearts, and your false hopes have come to you, and the world has dominated over you hereafter. 35  36. Artists of the same age Azkerva ticlaty Abbaukkam and Akhavanakm Baha Mordonatoun and Ali's Caliphs. 
      Remember what your fathers and brothers depend on and be audited for. 36  37. The goal of the gens of death أيها الناس! Enema is for the sake of tension. 
      O people! You are the target of death in this world. 37  38. Forgetting the Hereafter Imam al-Amr bin al-'Asā: أما و الله أنى ليمنعنى من اللعب ذكر الموت و أنه ليمنعه من قول الحق نسيان الاخره. 
      About Amr ibn'As, he said: "By Allah, the memory of death will prevent me from having fun and play, and forgetting the Hereafter will stop him from telling the truth." 38  39. Too much to remember Or Bani! Most of me mention Alamut, and we have mentioned the following, and the next verse is Alamut al-Ya'yah, even the Ya'etyk, and the height of his knowledge, and the severity of the manifestation, and the nature of the falsehood. 
      my child ! Remember the death and remember the sudden attack so that when it arrives, you must be ready with all the power and you should be close to the waist and be ready to wait for him, not that suddenly comes and overthrows you. 39  40. The world is passing through ! I am writing to you and I will give you the tithes and greetings, and you will be able to change and add your own list, and I will be pleased that I will be pleased with you, and I will be pleased ... Fadeauhs are the pride of your friends, and you are amazed. And the former faih al-ida-el-dīr al-tayī I pray for you. 
      Know that this world, which you are constantly wishing and enthusiastic about, and sometimes angry you, and when it pleased you, is not your everlasting place, and it is not the place where you have been created or called to it. So let go of your deceptions for fear of him and to greet him for scaring him and greed for fear of it, and get ahead of each other in order to reach the one you have called for. 40  41. A will to remember death أوصيكم بذكر الموت و عقلال الغفلة عن و كيف غفلتكم علام ليسه يغلكم و طمعكم فيين ليس يوملكم. 
      I order you to remind me of death and a little neglect of it, and how do you neglect something that is not unobtrusive to you, and how long will you have a respite from a person who does not give you a respite? 41  42. Remembrance of the Hereafter في وثيط للحسن عليه السلام: و علم و بيهي أنك انما خلق للاشرة لا للدنيا, و للفناء لا للاقاء, و للموت لا لححةة. 
      Imam's statement to his son Imam Hassan (AS): O my son! You know that you were created for everlasting life not for the world, not for mortals to survive and stay, not to live in this world was created for the death of. 42  43. Not being dependent on the world Allah height of forging Dunya Lama later, and Shoal therein Hlha, Lylm Ayham best practice, and Lsna Lldnya Khlqna, and La Balsy Mrna therein. 
      43  44. preaching death It Alqyamh Alghayh. Aprons Bzlk Vaza Lehman reason. 
      The end of the hour and a preacher of death for men of understanding enough. 44  45. surprise death Almakhvzyn interpretations on bed Alghrh per death: Then Azdad Alamut Fyhm Valuja Fhyl Ben Hdhm and children of the region, and they Lbyn from Ynzr Bbsrh and Ysm Baznh, on the edge of my veracity ammad Khā and my survival, Yfkr Fame Fny Umrah, and Fame SICKLE Go down ! 
      In spite of those who are surprised by death, it says: it sometimes death, most of them penetrates and the person from speaking throws, while members of his family and with his eyes, who sees and the ear hears and a healthy mind in here. It thinks that his life was spent in what way and how his time is spent! 45  46. Forgetting to death Jbt sexual Lehman Alamut, Alamut management and Hu. 
      I wonder from whom death has forgotten that the eye sees dead. 46  47. Death is an undeniable truth And Allah Capricorn La toys, and Haq La Alkzb, and we Alamut Sm Ella Hu Nfsk me. 
      I swear to God, this is serious and not joking and that is true not lie. I mean, is not nothing but death heard his shout brought her the invitation. 47  48. The fear of God Fatqy Abed Rabbo ... Van Jlh covered Anah, and Mlh Khad crushed, and the Devil client, Yzyryn Le Almsyh Lyrkbha, and Yemenia al-Tawba Lysvfha, inasmuch Hjmt Mnyth against Ghfl Ykvn be pleased with us. 
      پس بنده اى از پروردگارش ترسيد...؛ زيرا روز مرگش را نمى داند و آرزوهايش او را مى فريبد و شيطان موكل اوست، معصيت را برايش مى آرايد تا مرتكب آن شود و به تو به اميد وارش مى كند تا در كار آن امروز و not tomorrow, until the death attacked him, while they neglect the simple ignorance of it to take over. 48  49. enemy of pride Le voting deadline and Masirah Island Labghz al-Amal and Ghrvrh. 
      If a person saw his sequel, no doubt with hope and pride was the enemy. 49  50. premonition of deceiving the world La Yghrnk literacy of people I Nfsk, and I burn height Qblk Kahn may warn the public and Alaqlal, and secure Alvaqb - Amal and inaccessibility during term - Kiev hostels to death ... but Raytm Vtnh Fazjh as nurseries Yamlvn Byda, and Ybnvn Mshyda, and Yjmvn Ksyra! Sbht bag Byvthm Qbvra, and we Jmva Bora and Sart Mvalhm Llvarsyn and Zvajhm Lqvm last. 
      Not to be cheated by people who surround you. A while ago yourself have seen the one whose wealth and Manal world gains and subtracts it feared for the long term and unlikely to count the dead from the consequences of their own affairs in Amman see how death befell him and he took from his homeland . Have you seen those who wish they had a long and solid palace built property Kathir gathered, how their houses into graves were destroyed and their resources. Property transferred to heirs. And his wives and other relatives were. 50  51 days of suffering Aldhr Yekhelqan eternally, and Yjdd ALAMAL, and Yqrb Almnyh and I Alamnyh Ybad Zafar to install, and I Fath fatigue. 
      Body and hopes to live to old age and death keeps close and desires. Who at the time it gets tired and whoever loses it falls into trouble and suffering. 51  52. Hunter Death I Vsayah Labnh Hassan, peace be upon him: and Alam Bani! Ecce enema creation Llakhrh La Lldnya, and Llfna and Llmvt La Llhyah, and Ecce per home fortress Vdar Blghh, and the organic Alakhrh and banks Tryd Alamut Alzy La Ynjv me Harbh, and La Yfvth Talbh, and La badly they Mdrk·h, Fkn me on beware lodging it Ydrkk and Annette had Syyh on Kenneth Thds Nfsk height minus Fyhvl Baltvbh binak between still, Faza Annette Hlkt Nfsk height .
      my son! Know that you have created for everlasting life not for the world, and not for mortals to survive for life and not for death, be it at home who migrated thou, and where instead else, and summarized in the Hereafter, and catch the elusive death not save it, and lost his Khvahndh go out, and had to find her. از اينكه مرگ تو را به هنگام‏ گناه دريابد- گناهى كه با خود مى‏ گفتى از آن توبه مى‏ كنم- بر حذر باش، مرگى كه بين تو و توبه‏ ات مانع گردد، و بدين صورت خود را به هلاكت انداخته باشى. 52  53. back to life and dying Kenneth inasmuch per trepidation, and Alamut, per chance, as soon as Almltqy Fma. 
      Because you back to life and death matters to you is, how soon will you deal with each other. 53  54. step toward death Errors Almr’ breath until Jlh. 
      Each human soul is a step toward death! 54  55. slipping by death My name is Jerry fi Annan Sr Bajlh Mlh. 
      Whoever follows his desire and power rush it out, he died to sin. 55  56. seeker of rapid The Taliban Alamut Hsys La Yfvth Almqym, and La Yjz·h Alharb. 
      Indeed death is seeking a rapid, no one in their place of residence is not finding it disappears and he is unable to escape it. 56  57. NEAR migration Alrhyl Vshyk . 
      Migrate to another world is near. 57 58. How close is death ! Badrva Maadi and Sabqva Alajal. Van Nas Yvshk lodging it Ynqt me, Amal, and Yrhqhm deadline and Ysd Nhm Bab al-Tawba. 
      Unto the resurrection of Judgment Day undertake before the coming of death, because death is close and hang strings wish people would come and repent to be closed. 58  59. closer shadow Ahzrva Badllh Alamut and Qrbh! And Dva Le Dth ... and Ntm Trda’ Alamut, it crushes Qmm Khzkm, and it's my Frrtm Drkkm, and Ho I need you to fast Zlkm. Alamut Mqvd Bnvasykm and I Khlfkm Ttvy Dunya. 
      O servants of Allah! از مرگ و زود فرارسيدنش بترسيد و زاد و توشه راه را فراهم سازيد... و شما رانده شدگان مرگيد، اگر بايستيد شما را مى گيرد و اگر بگريزيد به شما مى رسد، مرگ از سايه شما به شما وابسته تر است و در پيشانى شما October after death and sweeps the world in the book of life. 59  60. The truth of death Anne and Allah Capricorn La toys, and Haq La Alkzb, and we Sm Ho Ella death claims, and Union Jl. Fela Yghrnk the people I Nfsk literacy. 
      I swear to God it's serious and not joking, the truth, not a lie. Death say that your voice is heard every living thing and everyone has to quickly push, then mob (Live) deceive you. 60  61. inevitable and almost Nearly Governors and Alasthab comment. 
      It (death) and a close association with the world is small. 61 62. Ngryz death ! It further other than per Umrah Alfaro, La Mhjvz (unobtrusive) and the Yvmh evidence. 
      He added that his death will not escape nor impede escape the coming of the day of his death. 62  63. Hell and Heaven are Hdkm and lodging it between the paradise cardboard or fabrics Ella Ynzl to death. 
      Bhshtt between any of you except death or hell distance that you entered. 63  64. what they are seeing the dead? ! Ankm Le Mat Mnkm I Ljz Height Ayntm We Ayn height Tm and Vhltm and Smtm and Ttm and unobtrusive but we NKM Aynva height, and nearly sticks El Hajeb us ! 
      Indeed, if you are dead after what you have seen clearly the way you see and you'd surely restless afraid. As a result, it will hear the truth and orders were taken, but what they have seen has you covered, you will not be Soon the curtain will be lifted. 64  65. Funeral rites Consequently Jnazh Fsm polo Yzhk, Fqal: Kahn Alamut on Ghyrna books therein, and therein Haq Ali Ghyrna inch Kahn and Kahn Alzy my sleeve diminutive Ma Elena Alamvt trip we return! Nbvyhm Jdashm, and Nakl Trashm, Canada Mkhldvn then he turned, height Then the preacher Ibn Sina and Vazh, and Rmyna Bekele Fadh and Jayhh !! 
      Imam Ali funeral companies had said she heard a man laughs, then said, as if death for others, not for us has been decreed and it seems right, not for us but also for the proven and if the dead that on the ground with the travelers are coming soon to us returning bodies were buried wrap all that inheritance have we eat, if we go after they leave an enduring stay, then any preacher to Do we sign any calamity it. 65  66. hostages dead Port lights Height Ghvdr Alamo Rhyna per quarter, and per Consultations of narrowly Almzj Vhyda ... and Sart Alajsad Shhbh after Bztha, and then Bztha Nkhzh Orthopedic and Orthopedic Nkhzh later strengths, and Arvah Mrthnh Bsql Bayha, Mvqnh Bghyb Nbayha. 
      66  67. Talking to the Dead Lama Ashraf Imam Ali Alqbvr and Ho Yrj I Siffin: or from Aldyar Almvhshh, and Majali Almqfrh, and Alqbvr Almzlmh, or from Altrbh! Or from Alghrbh! Or from Alvahdh! Or from Alvhshh! Lena Ntm too old, and consequently the right to Nahnu you to fast. But al-Dur lack of inhabitants, and the lack Alazvaj Nkht, but lack the funds. However Ndna our news, our news Fma Ndkm? Then Altft to Shabh Fqal But al-Kalam fi le permission lahum Lakhbrvkm Alzad of good-Taqwa. 
      While the Battle of Siffin, Imam (as) returned, and the graves of Kufa Musharraf had realized, he said: O inhabitants of dwellings terrible and the location of water and plant (asleep in) graves dark! In soil departed! Away from compatriots! Only survivors! A panic-stricken! You Aftadganyd for us and we are looking for you Shvndganym Yndganym and to join you, but know that in your homes, were residents. زنانتان با مردان ديگرى ازدواج كردند و اما اموالتان پس به تحقيق قسمت شد، اين خبرى بود كه ما از آن آگاه بوديم و شما براى ما چه خبرى داريد؟(آن گاه حضرت رو به اصحاب خود كرد و فرمود:) اما اگر به آنان اجازه data was speaking, surely you know that the best luggage for travel Hereafter is piety. 67  68. See Death Jbt sexual Lehman Alamut, Alamut management and Hu. 
      I wonder of he who forgets his death, while he sees the dead! 68 69. Prepare to enter thy grave ! And lodging it Mamk Uqbah Kyoda Alam, Almkhf best I Almsql therein, and Almbty PBUH Qbh Now I Almsr ... Fartd Lnfsk before Hlvlk Nzvlk and Vty’ house before. 
      And be in front of your face saddle the climb is difficult and where the state of the light load of one that burden is better and now he slow the travels of acceleration of deposit RA worse. Therefore, before landing send messengers to prepare a suitable place for you and for landing before landing, soft and smooth out the view from the comfort of the living. 69  70. The human body with action Almakhvz interpretations on bed Alghrh per death: Then Hmlvh until Mkht on earth, Faslmvh Fihe to workers. 
      70  71. Getting to work by However, humic solicitorship after death. 
      What should spend their energy on the way to work is that after your death. 71  72. Preparation for the grave situation ABN Amro Flyqbl dignity receptive, Vlyhzr Qarh before incarnation, Vlynzr ABN Amro per short sleeve Yamh, and diminutive Mqamh-fi home even Ystbdl to Mnzla, Flysn Lmthvlh, and transmitted knowledge. 
      Every human being must respect and not to accept all and any sudden calamity before it enters discouraged, and everyone should look at the short days and stay low in the home of the (speed), it is home to converted will be cloudy, then act in preparation for a place to put it and the facts that there will be his final destiny. 72  73. Entry to the grave Yslmk to a purely Qbrk . 
      Angel of death shall separate you from everything and gives the skirt grave. 73  74. remember last home Fkhrk weak, and Ahtt Kbrk, and Azkr Qbrk against Mmrk van. 
      Let your pride and bring down Cuprite facade! Grave (that last is your natural life resides) Remember, because finally Gzart will happen to the dark soil. 74  75. Alone in the grave Even inasmuch opt-out Almshy, and reference Almtfj, and Qd per Hfrth Njya Albhth Alsval, and Srh Alamthan. 
      When the funeral visitors returned them in parting sorrow and whining were looking for work were (on the same night under dark soil burial has been) to answer the question controversial and it seems that the secret and revealing slip by him. 75  76. forbidden affairs Lhrb Ben Shrhbyl Alshbamy Lama Bka’ hearing on the murder of women Siffin: Tghlbkm Nsavkm Sm on us? Ella Tnhvnhn as Alrnyn however. 
      When Imam Ali (as) Siffin heard shrieks of the women slain on the battlefield Ben Shrhbyl Shibam said: Do women you hear it you can overcome you! Is this moaning and forbid them not. 76  77. Amantgah grave Kahn height Sarva Srtm our organic layer, and less apt Arthnkm Almzj, and less apt Almstvd Zmkm. 
      If you have been where they are and move toward the tomb, you hostage and you embraced it Amantgah. 77  78. flapping tent grave Kvnva Kalsabqyn Qblkm, and Almazyn Mamkm. I Qvzva Dunya vouchsafement Alrahl and Vtvvha within homes. 
      78 79. Build your graves ! Sabqva, whatever -Rhmkm until Mnazlkm facing Mrtm lodging it Tmrvha, and facing Rghbtm therein, and Dytm Alyha. 
      God bless you! Advance orders to shoot to the homes where they have been encouraged to build up to it and have been called to them. 79  80. unaware pilgrims My word against him after crushing Tlavth (Lhakm Altkasr even Zrtm Almqabr) or crush our Mrama Bdh! And Zora we Ghflh! And we Fzh hazards ! 
      Imam Ali (as) recited the verse (pride on your own another building, so he went to visit the graves) said: What to far! And pilgrims surprise! And how proud ugly and horrible! 80 ____________________________ 
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      Nahj issue, Abbas Azizi