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Please recite "Amma Yujeebo..." for Syed Kaleem haider a friend of ours who had just suffered from aheart atack. And for the health of all other momineen around the world.

Thank You very much.


Hasnain K.

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      Salaam, I would like to know the ruling on Forex trading? I have opened a swap-free account so I won't incur any interest charges for positions that are left open.    Jazak'Allah    
    • I can attest to this.    OP: try to be strong sis because cheating husbands tend to thrive on the weakness of their wives. It is unlikely that you will change him when you are in your current state. Instead, take care of yourself and make an effort to to look attractive and vibrant. As starlight said, do whatever you need to do to lower yourself and calm down. That way you will be better equipped to confront whatever challenges arise moving forward in your relationship.   My duas are with you. 
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