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Iranian street kids

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Posted 23 January 2005 - 06:59 AM

Allah, who made it a sin to commit adultry, drink alcohol, etc... also kept punishments for people who will commit those sins. Thus, knowing that people will still be corrupt.
Keeping that in mind, let us go back to the Islamic State that the Prophet first brought to existence. How many corrupt people were there within his government? Go back to history and see with your hearts and thoughts, before your eyes, you will see the corruption from even those that history has portrayed were close to the Prophet. (Proof: what happened to his family, generation after another?)
During Imam Ali's rule Imam Hassan??? wasn't there nothing but corruption.?
A question: Does this mean that the Prophet and the Imams were corrupt? I leave these questions to your consience and to your blaming of the Welayat el Faqeeh.

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