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end of FaceBook ?

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On ‎3‎/‎27‎/‎2018 at 10:38 PM, Reza said:

The rate of technological change is fast, and our culture with it. Facebook may well be obsolete in due time. 

Can’t confirm this, but isn’t Facebook’s average user base getting older? So what will  be the new thing? What will the 2030s bring?

Remember MySpace...

Bro, you and @Hameedeh .  l grew up with de facto public phones. "My" first phone number was "operator: (town name deleted), line 8, 2 Longs and a Short". Then there party lines with a 4 numbers number, then preface-4 numbers.

From the very beginning, all children were given the mantra "Never say anything on the phone that you do not want the whole World to know."  To me, " ... change ..., and our culture with it" is a violation of that mantra.

As for FaceBook, like the lnternet sites which initially childish and anything goes, they are all now childish and CYA. Even before FB went public, a stock analyst said it is "a waste of time" (but buy it anyway). With 2+ Billion users, FB will morph over time.

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