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High Scholarly Debates

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11 minutes ago, SeekingHeaven said:

Salamu Alaykom, i was just wondering why do we never see dialogues or debates between the high ranking scholars of the shia and sunni?

Salam. During the time of Imam Khomeini RA, because there was disagreement on when the Holy Prophet SA was born, he designated all the days between the 12th to the 17th of Rabi al-Awwal as the Islamic Unity Week. Every year Iran has an International Islamic Unity Conference to promote unity. Muslims are trying to stick together as much as possible because when we get separated then Islamophobes make more progress. 

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5 hours ago, SeekingHeaven said:

I don't mean those types of debates, i mean like about our core differences (Imamah, adala, tawassul etc.)

It’s a good Idea if you watch shia channels ,shia scholars are always ready but the other side always run out of this








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