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shia farm girl

Electric razors

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As salaamun aleikum brothers,and sisters,

Inshallah I can get some help from somebody on this. I want to get my husband a gift, and he really needs a new electric razor for his beard,but I'm not exactly sure how to go about picking one out. I don't want him to know what I'm getting him, so it's kind of hard for me to hint and get information from him about what exactly he needs/what features it should have. Hes not into doing ornate or detailed, fashionable shaving, so he doesnt need anything fancy or with unnecesssry features like built in lights, or any of those "extra features" that really dont help, just a decent straight forward electric shaver that will get the job done.

 All I know at this point is, it has to be small enough to be used on the beard. He already has a big wide one that's used to trim hair down, but it's too big and bulky for him to do his face with, so I was hoping some brothers or sisters here could maybe help me out and give me some suggestions on good brands, the right size blades/guides, or any other tips that may help me. I have to keep it around 35 US dollars because I don't have a lot of money right now, LOL, but I know there's huge assortments out there in a wide price range, so i should be able to find something decent, in sha Allah. I just need some guidance on how to choose the right one. Thanks for any help in advance!


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Salam Uhty @shia farm girl,

l investigated this last year for a body trimmer for our shaving requirements.

l got a battery operated Philips Norelco and l believe it was $20+.

Works well. Saves a lot of time compared to razor shaving. Has a beard attachment. And other features which l personally do not use.

Can be used in the shower, but l never shave there. l like it because it is quick, sometimes needs two passes over the same place, and l can reach around and do my own back.

Don't forget to get the batteries at the same time.

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Salaam Sister,

This is a wet/dry trimmer, with 19 different settings from1mm to 10mm, and its in your price range and has relatively great reviews.


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Assalamu alaykum

Dear sister,

Chose one that has self-sharpening blades, preferably titanium-coated stainless steel ones, and also one that is cordless for greater ease in shaving/trimming.

Battery life and length settings are also important factors, IMHO.

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