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Anyone know why Iraq's drug use is growing

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Easy answer as I'm from there and saw documentaries about it a few days ago,

-Government doesn't care about youth so = no jobs to keep youth occupied and have a feeling of satisfactions in life.

-morality and hope in Iraq is pretty low

-doesn't help the fact that Iran a country that has a high rate of drug trafficking due to Afghanistan is right next door

-No jobs equals as brother Gaius put it "trying to find an escape from life" also drug cartels and arab mafias recruit underaged youth due to there being a excess of them.

Most important point in my opinion,

-there has been a growing trend in irreligiousness among the youth as they feel hopeless due to their situation they feel as if there is no god (astrafiallah) (I've seen it over there unfortunately)

If I was there the only addiction I would have is ziyararts to the Imams :D The best addiction a believer can have.

Salam, dont worry as God will watch over the holy land of the prophets and Imams,


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On ۱۳۹۶/۱۱/۲۸ at 5:01 PM, Gaius I. Caesar said:

Probably because they are trying to find an escape from life, little do they know they are destroying themselves in the process.


It’s also growing in Yemen 

curse of Khat

Drug Nation (Yemen )

Uganda’ moon shine



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12 hours ago, Gaius I. Caesar said:

I could never figure out what Qat is, is it really a drug?

It a planet with natural drug as Naas that is using at Pakistan

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