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Which stone is suitable for me.

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2 minutes ago, Ashvazdanghe said:
What are the rewards and benefits of wearing rings with valuable stones on them?
There are many different rings which scholars wear. I have read hadith about some of them, like the blue one - the firoozah, but I want to know about all of them. Are there hadiths or ayats of the Quran to support wearing these various stones? Please list each stone or gem and the hadiths which talk about them and thier benefits.

I am male. I am Right Handed. I was born on 13th Rajab (Monday or Tuesday) 1419 AH . Which Stone is suitable for me then ??

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"Imam Ali (a) used four jeweled jewelry: a ring with a jeweled ruby, a ring with a neigbour turquoise, a ring of Hadid Sini and a ring with a jeweled agate."

شیخ صدوق، علل الشرائع، ج 1، ص 157، قم، کتاب فروشی داوری، چاپ اول، 1385ش.

Sheikh Saduq Ellalul sharaieh v1 p157 ,Qum, Daavari Bookshop,first edition, 1385 sun 


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