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Ignoring impurity allowed by ayatollah?

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If it can help you even a little bit, know that by not eating too late in the evening (and not staying late in front of a screen also, to a certain extent), you will avoid wet dreams 99% of the time. I can guarantee you that, you do not need to sin to avoid wet dreams: just follow this advice (by the way, didn't the Prophet saw say that eating too much arises satanic desires?).

I would recommand eating 5 hours before bed to make sure. Personally, every time I got a wet dream was because of eating late or too much, the food not being fully digested when I was sleeping. One or two times, it was because my sleep was disrupted by staying too late in front of a screen.

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i received a few answers from some Marjas: 


As mentioned in your previous inquiries, this person should act like other ordinary religious people and has no extra duty.




In this regard you may refer to the expert consultants who have experience in this field.
Director of the site's fiqh section







what do. you think does this mean?

thank you


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