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Being alone in Islam, depression, hard times...

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Salam Alaikum,

“When you go closer to Islam, it’s natural for you to become alone. People won’t be there as much as they were, and you’ll have a hard time connecting with anyone on any sort of level. But, Allah does this to give you strength, to enrich you with independence from imperfection and to rely only on Him.”

"My Shia will endure the most oppression in the world" -Imam Ali (a)

"Surely, we shall try you till we know those among you who strive hard and preserve in patience" - Quran 47:31

Do you really think what you're going through is tough? Just look at what Imam Ali (a) had to go through, and look at what he died saying -

"No matter how many times you neglect your Lord, He always welcomes you back, even when you sin and you repent, over and over again. He will NEVER push you away. The door of His mercy is always open."

Remember that when Allah tests you, it is because He loves you

"A strong believer is better and more loveable to Allah than a weak believer" -The holy prophet himself

"The wise are silent." -Imam Ali (a) (Refrain from excessive speech)

"The most courageous of people is he who overcomes his desires." - The holy prophet (s)

"If the appearance is more important than the soul, then why would the soul rise up to the sky after death, and we bury the body in the ground?"

"Our Lord! We have indeed believed

So forgive us our sins

And save us from the punishment of the fire"




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MashaAllah Thanks !!!

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