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beautiful sofi poetry about imam Hussain as

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An ode by Naiz Dehlvi in the praise of Syedna Imam Hussain A.S

1- O heart! Hold the skirt of the emperor of Aulia (friends of Allah).
That means Imam Hussain (A.S.) ,who is the soul of Aulia.
اے دل  بگیر دامنِ  سلطانِ اُولیا 
یعنی حسینؑ ابن علیؓ جانِ اُولیا 
2- He had other willingness and so he chose to taste martyrdom ,
There is a different ecstasy due to the Divine knowledge available with Aulia.
ذوق دیگر با جام شہادت ازو رسید 
شوقِ  دیگر  با مستیِ  عرفانِ  اُولیا
3- His position is like Huzur Nabi Kareem ( S.A.W) and Hazrat Ali (K.W.K.),
He is the pride of the Prophets ( A.S.) and also of Aulia.
چوں صاحبِ مقام نبی و علی ست او 
ھم  فخرِ  اٙنبیا  شدہ   ھم  شان  اُولیا 
4-He is the mirror (reflection) of Allah’s elegance,
He is the reference for the faith of Aulia.
آئینہِ   جمالِ   اِلٰہیست    صورتش
زاں رُو شدست  قبلہ  ایمانِ  اُولیا
5- They agree to spend their belongings and life for the supreme truth ( Allah),
This lesson is to be learnt from the life of Aulia.
تا کرد صرفِ حق سٙر و سامانِ ھستیش
گوے  سبق    ربودہ   ز   میرانِ    اُولیا
6- ‘Niyaz’ has left his decision of the judgement day in hope of Hussain (A.S.),
The faith of Lovers of Aulia will be similar to that of Aulia.
دارد نیاز حشر خود اُمید با حسینؑ 
با اُولیا است  حشرِ   محبانِ  اُولیا

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