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Imam Khamenei Lovers please comment

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1 minute ago, monad said:

I want his autograph!. omgggggggg!!

Your post is vying to create discord. As you will bring in opinions with bias, without contextual fact. As in, we wont know the motive of action A or B.

Salamun Alukum brother. With respect, I just want to know how many people are here who love him. Else I don't care to prove my love for him. I clearly mentioned in my Title "Only lovers should comment".

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assalamo alaykom.

well, if imam khomeini loved him, ofc i love imam khamanei too.

if ayatollah bahjat r.a loved him, ofc i love him too.

if ayatollah Baha'ao dini loved him, then ofc i love imam khamenei too.(read about this man, ayatollah baha'ao dini- incredible man just like ayatollah bahjat if he wasnt higher than him)

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Interesting to see some hypocrite Shias abusing him, some even cursing him, because he speaks out against their depravity. I don't follow him as a Marji', but what a noble man he is. The  hypocrites will accuse him of whatever they want to, and slander and malign him.  I say they should go back to their biryani-backbiting parties before maligning a noble man. Sure, he isn't Masoom, and we can disagree on things, but to abuse and insult and spread gossip?

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