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Three attributes of Allah

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What exactly do you need explained?

When it is said that God is “One”, it doesn’t mean “one” in the numerical sense.  Oneness of God means Non-Dual.   Non-Dual means to have no opposite.  So the idea that for God to be one He should be either Just or Merciful and that He cannot be both is based on an incorrect understanding of Oneness.  


Now regarding the qualities of Justice and Mercy:

There is no single attribute of God that is truly absolute for the simple fact that there cannot be many absolutes.  The attributes of God are all relative to one another just like anything else in the cosmos.  


This is is why in Hadith Qudsi it is said that “My mercy preceded my wrath/Justice”.  Meaning that God’s mercy triumphs over His justice.  This also means that God is just for the sake of His mercy and not that He is merciful for the sake of His justice.  Justice serves God’s mercy, mercy does not serve God’s justice.  

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