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Of the 124,000 Prophets, 25 are mentioned in the Holy Qur'an .

  name Bear birth Life span Laden
1- Prophet Adam Next time, Adam 930 years Najaf or a mosque in my room
2-  Idris 830 365 years Ascend to the sky
3. Noah 1642 1400 years Najaf
4- Hud Hood 2648 460 years Wadi al-Islam in Najaf
5.  Saleh 2973 136 years Wadi al-Islam in Najaf
6. Abraham 3323 180 years Al-Khalil near Jerusalem
7. Ishmael 3418 135 years Hajar Ismail in the Masjid al-Haram
8- The Prophet Isaac 3423 180 years Al-Khalil in Palestine
9. Lot 3422 80 years Al-Khalil in Palestine
10. Jacob 3483 147 years old Al-Khalil
11. Yusuf 3556 120 years Al-Khalil
12. Ayoub 3642 226 years Hella
13. Shou'ib 3616 220 years Jerusalem
14. Moses 3748 120 years Wadi Tayeh 6 Farsakhi Jerusalem
15. Aaron 3745 123 years Wadi Tayeh 6 Farsakhi Jerusalem
16 - Hazrat David 4333 100 years Jerusalem
17. Solomon 4391 71253years Jerusalem
18. Elyas 4506   Ascension
19. Elizabeth 4529 75 years old Damascus
20. Younus 4728   East Tigris in front of Mosul city
21- The Prophet Zhulakfal 4830 75 years old Near Kufa, Rome, Dinner in Kufa on the Euphrates
22- Hazrat Zakaria 5500 160 years Jerusalem City of Aleppo
23. Yahya 5585 30 years Dimashsh Mosque in Beirut
24. Jesus Christ 5585 33 years Ascend to the sky
25- The Prophet Muhammad 6163 63 years old Madinah

The name of the seventeen prophets is mentioned in verses 84, 85 and 86 of Surah al-Anam : 
And Wahhabna, the Hijah, and Jacob, all of Hedena, and Noah, Hedena, before me, and I, the children of David, and Solomon, and Obeb, and Joseph, and Moses, and Heron, and Kedzhlak Najzī, and Allah, and Moses, and Moses, and Moses, and Moses, and Jahiah, and Jesus, and Elias the same, and Elisha, and Elias, and Jonas, and Luna and Kella Fazlna Ali al-Alamini .




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44 minutes ago, mehdi110786 said:

Prophet solomon lived for 71253 yrs ? is this authentic ?

I dont know  I just find this table i think its a error of typing

The Prophet Sulayman (PBUH) according to the Messenger of God (PBUH) 712 years of life


Edited by Ashvazdanghe

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