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Surah Ikhlass - Basmala Twice

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Bismillah is an integral part of each sura of Quran (except Sura Tawba) and like any other ayat of a surah, can be repeated as many times as one wants during the salah. 

There are various reasons people say bismillah repeatedly in salah:

1. Lots of urafa do it in order to get the different impression on the nafs, for example saying "Alhamdolillah -e- Rabbil Alimeen" multiple times in salah.

2. There could be another reason, in the salat, it is wajib to say bismillah with the niya of the surah you are going to recite. So for example, right after the sura Al-Hamd, one says bismillah as a habit, now must recite another bismillah for the later surah. 

3. This also happens as someone intending to read sura Qadr for example after Al-Hamd recites bismillah, but then changes mind and decides to read sura Kawthar. This person must recite bismillah again for the intention of reading sura Kawthar now.

In general, Bismillah read for each Sura has different meanings to it depending on the sura itself. For example, the Bismillah of Surah Al-Hamd carries different affect as opposed to Bismillah read for Sura Juma' and so on.   

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