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Intellectual Resistance

Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

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2 hours ago, Laayla said:

Bismehe Ta3ala,

Assalam Alikum 

Murders do salat.  Does that make salat bad?

Rapists do sawm.  Does that make sawm bad?

Fornicators wear hijab.  Does that make hijab bad?

Seriously, what is your point?

One of the aspects of patience, is patience on enforcing your wajibat.  If you must do a wajab and you flatly deny and reject it, this is a higher sin then the one who knows hijab is wajab yet doesn't do it for a variety of reasons.

But why are you defending the shortcomings with Allah to us? We are human beings and yes we are also sinners, and we repent to Allah and ask His forgiveness.  

Redirect your issues with Allah swt and make sincere du32 to guide you and help you overcome your obstacles you are currently facing.  Nothing is difficult for Allah, He can easily open so much doors, gates, barriers for you.  Do not take this deen lightly.  Because Allah promises if you don't want this deen, He will easily replace you to find another group of people who do want this deen.  It is happeneing every single day!  While Muslims leave deen al haq, many more are converting to it.  God keep us steadfast on this religion.

You know full well hijab is wajab now, there is no ignorance on this issue.  If you choose a spouse who doesn't practice hijab, then when Allah grants you a daughter, the responsibility of her not wearing hijab is on the shoulders of her father.  Good luck explaining that one to Allah!

M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah 



the responsibility of a future daughter not wearing hijab comes down to the Daughter, NOT ANYONE ELSE! Allah does not judge us on others actions. There are also plenty of Daughters who's mothers do wear Hijab and yet they do not!  do again it is the woman INDIVIDUAL choice what she wants to wear. Unless you also feel women are not equal to men and therefore shouldn't be given a choice. Do you also feel girls should not be educated past elementary? Women going out to do normal activities without a husbands permission? what are your thoughts on this matter since:

وَبُيُوتُهُنَّ خَيْرٌ لَهُن

“…even though their houses are better for them

Do women not deserve the same equal treatment and responsibilities as men? 

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Why do you care what I think or anyone else?

Have you asked yourself what Allah wants from you? 

If you want to know what Allah wants from you, read & understand Quran, hadith, and your marja's risala.  Bingo!  There you have it!

Instead of putting your energy refutting hijab, direct your energy in understanding the hijab of Sayyida Fatimah, Sayyida Zaynab, Sayyida Mariam.  I don't care what Zeina, Jenna, or Noor did xy and z and they wear hijab.  They are not the bar or standard of modesty and haya.  Your bullseye are Sayyida Khadija and Sayyida Zahra.

I think there is more to your story and way of thinking then what you are caring to share.

Allah help you with your affairs.


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