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Are there any Mutah networks?

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9 hours ago, Doctor Tareen said:

I can see there is so much misunderstanding about Umar Farooq RA. 

Even Prophet SAW had advisers. He would have consultations in different matters. Of course if i apply your principle here, then by seeking advice Prophet SAW also becomes less knowledgeable. I see these very strange arguments and very strange narratives i am afraid. 

Hate overcomes rationality, unfortunately

Prophet (pbu) teach them how to get advise from advisor although he didn't need their advise because he was more knowledgeable than everyone 

that he said I'm city of knowledge & Ali(as) is door of it . 

Pepole needs them but they dont tneed people 

But Umar ignore them all &lost the way.

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I dont understand why you guys are discussing about mutah being ok or not on a thread like this, seems to be off topic.

Either way, we have highly learnt and respected scholars who have said their opinions on the matter, no need for random guy over the internet to enlighten us with his undeniable truth.

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