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How to teach son about najis from animals

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Salaam Alaykum

My parents used to react instantly and they used to become upset(facial expression). For example, if I touched a Najis thing from animal they used to frown and take me to bathroom for washing and constantly telling me that touching Najis is bad. Gradually it created some kind of hatred towards Najis things in me.

My friend told me that his friend used to tell his son that eating pork is Haram because pig eats body excretions. It can also be an approach by telling the reason for Haramness of something.

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No need to overreact. Just take the child to the sink or bath and clean them up. 

In the future, don't leave najis material where the child can reach it. We have cats, and our litterbox and cat food are kept in locations where the cats can easily reach, but the toddler can not.

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