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Do you listen to Maher zain

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Maher Zain has an amazing voice and I love his personality. He's a very genuine and peaceful guy.

I use to love listening to him, when I initially quit listening to harram music. I listened to songs such as Inshallah, Asalamu Alayka, barakallah, chosen one etc.

I do think some of his songs can be classified as halal (depending on which marja you follow), however I'm not gonna discuss that here.

His songs literally get stuck in your head - especially his emotional ones and it is a bit distracting. I stopped listening to him, due to my own personal choice and views regarding music - not putting a "harram label" on Maher Zain or anything. 

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What about Sami Yusuf


Sami yusuf peace be upon you Ya ahlulbayt

Sami yusuf collection

گلچین - Sami Yusuf – River of Milk | Inna Fil Jannati‏:‏ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh42mJ-24Qw&list=RDuh42mJ-24Qw

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