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These videos are quite important. We Shia as a global group must do a lot more in our efforts. Not only must we act in such a manner whereby people are drawn to Shia Islam by the caliber of our reasoning, as well as  the goodness of our moral behaviour, we must also try to find ways to spread to others our key beliefs in a way people can generally understand them.

I do not like drawing parallels to non-Muslims like Richard Dawkins, but the way he has turned complex evolutionary theory into popular science and by effect has managed to captivate the minds of millions is , if we are particular in analysing the method and divorcing the individual who employed such a method, something i say may have some use.

We also can see the Salafis and the orthodox Sunnis making much more efforts into disseminating material and answering questions. This is something the average Shia needs to feel empowered to do. I understand, being Shia often means keeping beliefs to yourself, for fear of ridicule or persecution , but i think we should, at least in safe lands, come out of our shells.

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