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Is it haram to marry an atheist woman?

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20 hours ago, Raza313 said:

Only mature girls will go temp marriage. Young girls like to have perm relationship. Now for the word patience; instead of having a girl with no relationship with towards Allah. I suggest better stay away from any such girls.  Go for some community service with muslims you will find a good one

You will find soon that it the fear from Allah that give you a lot of blessings. I have some eastern European and Scandanvian friends and I tell you they live like animals in the jungle. 

Finally it is your choice but if you follow Ahalybayatt you should follow their commands not yourself


Is it haram to marry jewish girl?

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On 12/31/2017 at 2:15 PM, crashproof said:

Is it haram to marry jewish girl?

^ No, it is not haram to marry a Jewish girl. Read the quote below, which says that a Shia man can marry a Shia Muslim woman, a non-Shia Muslim woman, a Jewish woman or a Christian woman, with restrictions. Pay close attention to the details.


A Shi’ah Muslim man can marry: a Shi’ah Muslim woman and a non-Shi’ah Muslim woman. However, if there is danger of being misled, then it is haraam.
He can also marry a Jewish or Christian woman in mut’a only. But he cannot marry a woman of any other faith.


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