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People who can write tawid with saffron in London

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Salam friends,

I went on the duas.org website to find duas for the safety and protection of my children and it is recommended to write certain surahs in saffron, which can then be placed in a locket. This is an important issue for me, so any help would be appreciated. 

Does anyone here know of people who can do this?  I live in London. 


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yes, its called copy and pasting, like we do on the computer.

Although I forget to explain the simple baby steps due to my superior brain.

Print the text out then place in an a4 plastic sleeve. Make sure its tahir.

Over lay ediable paper on top, trace.

If you cannot see, stick it on the window as it will act like a lightbox.


Eat or place in your chain box, wear it like its hot.



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