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Iraq - unique history

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Did you know that Iraq is sometimes called the "Cradle of Civilisation", a term given to only a few countries?

Did you know the first ever cities are thought to have been built in Iraq? Did you know the oldest known code of law is from Iraq? Did you know the oldest trace of writing is from Iraq? 

Read this for more:


After you read that, imagine the world without Iraqi inventions...

Did I mention the hanging gardens of Babylon?

And also, this is not getting involved with Islamic history.. do we need to talk about how many Prophets stepped and walked through Iraq? 

One word: Ibrahim (as) 

Iraq ❤

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May Allah bless Iraq and the inhabitants of it.

Now that Iraq is liberated from terrorist organizations, does this mean that it's going to be rebuilt?

Are the old and destroyed shrines and masjids, cities, museums, etc. going to be reconstructed?

Alhamdulillah, now that Iraq is liberated, the number of Imam Hussain's (a) visitors will double next year. We shook the world with 30 million pilgrims last time, next year inshallah with the fear of bomb explosions and terrorists out of the people's hearts, we can reach 60 million pilgrims!

Labayyk Ya Hussain!

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"Mufaddal reported in a lengthy narration from Imam Al-Sadiq (‘a), “Then Abu ‘Abd Allah (‘a) took a breath and said, ‘O Mufaddal! The places on the earth boasted among themselves,…

Allah revealed, … It [Karbala] is a blessed place from which Moses was called from a bush, it is a hill where Mary and Christ found refuge, at which there is a river where the head of Husayn ('a) was washed and where Mary washed Jesus (‘a), and where Mary washed herself after giving birth to Jesus. It is the best place from which the Apostle of Allah (S) ascended when he was absent, and for our Shi‘ah there are blessings until the appearance of the Qa’im (‘a).

Reference: Bihar, 53, 1-11

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روي عن الأمام الصادق ( عليه السلام) :
أكثر الناس فرحا بظهور الأمام الحجة المنتظر هم أهل العراق .
قيل لماذا يبن رسول الله ؟
قال : لما يصيبهم في ولايتنا وتكالب الأمم عليهم .

الغيبة للنعماني

rough translation

Imam Al-Sadiq (as) said: the most joyful of people in the coming of the awaited Imam Al-Hujjah are the people of Iraq.

It was said "why, o' son of the Messenger of Allah?"

He said: for what affects them in our wilayah and the struggle of the nations upon them.

Ghayba by Al-Nu'mani

How true is that?

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