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Access to Shiachat restricted in Pakistan?

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On 1/8/2018 at 1:09 AM, zafa said:

I dont know how to comment on particular post so am i copying and posting it

Bro i have objection on such statements ...u have all the rites to be zindabad for your country .but opposite to other country is just not acceptable

as indian for me its vice versa but i am going public about my feeling for other country

and specially for a person who is site admin should refrain from such statements ...

or else instead of shiachat change name to shiachat of just specific country we will leave from the site

Take it easy man. 

My comments are in response to another post that the Pakistani agencies are apparently keeping an eye on this forum to decide whether to block it in Pakistan or not. If anything, I was sarcastic towards the agencies of Pakistan (and I wouldn't mind using similar comments for Indian agencies). For clarification, refer to my later comments: 


Nevertheless, I hope common sense prevails and this forum is not seen as a threat to national security of a country.

^ this is again a subtle hint to "the agencies" (of Pakistan or India for that matter) who are apparently watching us.  

But sorry for hurting your feelings. India Zindabaad too. 

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