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Enlightening Inspirations

Salawaat of Imam 'Ali al-Ridha (as)

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10 hours ago, Enlightening Inspirations said:

Salawaat of the 8th Holy Imam (as)

salawaat 8th imam.jpg

The approximate English translation is quoted as below for those who know English :

"Allah swt send blessing upon Muhammad and and his family,

In the name of Allah swt most beneficent and most merciful

Allah swt send blessing upon Ali ibn Musa al-radha AS.

Al murtadha،  Al-imam, Al-taqi, Al-Naqi, Hujjah upon those above the earth and those who are below the skies, The truthful, The Shaheed, Countless growing, virtuously, continuous, frequent, similar, blessings better than that send upon any one of your auliya / friends.

Allah swt send blessing upon Muhammad and and his family,"



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