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Some scholars prohibit buying or selling some types of  pets, but keeping and caring for them is allowed. If you are aware of the issues of najisat, you can take measures to deal with them, for example keeping the dog outside or only in certain areas of the house, cleaning frequently, and so on. 

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3 hours ago, notme said:

Some scholars prohibit buying or selling pets, but keeping and caring for them is allowed. 

Which scholars forbid buying or selling pets? I have only heard of prohibition of selling and buying dogs and pigs.

And by the way, some form of dogs are allowed to be sold and bought, like the hunting dog.

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Why is the dog a najis animal in Islam?
Why is the dog a najis animal in Islam?
Concise answer

One of the fundamental teachings of Islam is that all legal rulings are based on the real benefits and harms behind them. If there were no benefits or harms, there would be no commands nor prohibitions, and no ruling regarding the najasah and taharah of things in religion.

The issue of the najasah of the dog is a legal issue established by traditions and consensus of the scholars.

Imam Sadiq (as) was asked about the dog. The imam answered: “It is najis. Throw away the leftover [water] of the dog and don’t perform wudu with it. First rub the container of the water with soil and then wash it with water [if you wish to make it tahir].”

Detailed Answer

This point is necessary to be noted, that it is one of the fundamental teachings of Islam that legal rulings are based on the real benefits and harms behind them. If there were no benefits or harms, there would be no commands nor prohibitions, and no ruling regarding the najasah and taharah of things in religion. [1]

So whenever we see that the Lawmaker, the exalted, has made something wajib, we can conclude with certainty that there is a benefit in it for us that we are in need of securing, although we may not know what it is exactly.

If the Lawmaker, the exalted, prohibits something and announces it to be najis, we can be sure that there is a harm and disadvantage in it that we must avoid. Nevertheless, because of the development of science, some of these benefits and harms have been discovered, as is the case with some of the reasons behind the najasah of the dog. Today, it is asserted that dog stool contains very tiny tapeworms ranging from two to seven millimeters in length by the name of “ taenia echinococcus ”. When dogs defecate, a large number of eggs of this worm‌ are expelled also, and many stick around the anus. Using its tongue when cleaning itself, the dog spreads this worm all over its body, parasitizing everything. If one of these tapeworms makes its way into a human’s intestine, it can disastrously be the cause of a great deal of diseases that can sometimes even be fatal. [2]


This is one of the reasons why Islam has announced the dog to be a najis al-ayn (a najis thing in and of itself) in order to block the harms that can be entailed. Nonetheless, there might be other reasons as well, such as hygienic, environmental or medical ones that are yet to be discovered.


The legal evidence for the najasah of the dog:


The najasah of the dog is a legal issue. In the Quran, nothing has been said regarding the najasah of the dog and pig. But, it is totally wrong to think that all legal rulings have been and must be specifically addressed in the Quran. The Quran has kept it at the general fundamentals when it comes to legal rulings, leaving their expansion and interpretation to the prophet (pbuh), and after him, to the infallible imams (as). For example, when we look at the rulings of prayer, we see that there are many detailed rulings, while the Quran has only mentioned a few of them. As for the legal evidence for the najasah of the dog:


1- Consensus: The great Islamic jurists all agree that the dog is a najis thing; this ruling is consensual among them. [3]


2- Hadiths: The consensus mentioned above, is a result of the many hadiths cited in hadith sources. Of course, r egarding the najasah of the dog, the hadiths that have reached us can be divided into two categories; ones that contain the term ‘najis’ in them and others that don’t have the exact term but nonetheless necessitate their najasah. In these hadiths, the najasah of the dog can be concluded judging from the questions that the imams have been asked regarding the leftovers of a dog and the corresponding answers they have given; here are some examples:


a) Imam Sadiq (as) was asked about the dog. The imam answered: “It is najis. Throw away the leftover [water] of the dog and don’t perform wudu with it. First rub the container of the water with soil and then wash it with water.” [4]


b) Ibn Shurayh asked Imam Sadiq (as) about the leftover of the dog, and the imam replied: “No, by Allah, it is najis.” [5]

c) Abi Suhayl asked Imam Sadiq (as) about the dog, and his eminence repeated three times: “The dog is najis.” [6]



[1] Mutahhari, Murteza, Majmu’eye Asar, vol. 20, pg. 52, Sadra Press, fifth edition, 1380 (2001).


[2] al-Minar Magazine, sixth year, pg. 307.


[3] Rohani, Seyyed Sadiq, Fiqh al-Sadiq, vol. 3, pg. 281, the software of this book entitled Mowsu’ah al-Imam al-Rohani; Najafi, Muhammad Hasan, Jawahir al-Kalām , vol. 5, pp. 366-368, seventh edition, Beirut, Daar Ihya’ al-Turath al-Arabi.


[5] Hurr Amili, Muhammad bin al-Hasan, Wasa’il al-Shi’ah, vol. 3, chapter 12 of the chapters on najasah, hadith 6, Daar Ihya’ al-Turath al-Arabi, Beirut.


[6] Wasa’il al-Shi’ah, vol. 3, chapter 12 of the chapters on najasah.

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The Thirsty Dog


Mahdi told his father when he came home, “Dear father, while Soheila was washing her hands today, she suddenly slipped and fell in the pool. Her mother was not at home, but their neighbor, an old woman, jumped into the pool and brought her out.”

His father said, “Do you think their neighbour did a good thing?”

Mahdi replied, “Yes, she did. But the water was cold, and now she is ill.”

His father said, “My dear son, on such occasion’s one must not worry about the inconvenience one may experience or what the outcome may be. In this case, it seems as though something was drawing the lady towards helping.

People do not always calculate and act according to that which benefits them only; they sometimes put their own life in danger. It often happens that someone going through hardship may have food and is hungry, but nevertheless they give it to a poor person or a hungry animal.

They does not immediately benefit from such an act, but their affinity to good works encourages them to act in this way.”

Mahdi’s father said that once, his own father had listened to one of the great men that had travelled to Qom with some companions. The weather was hot, the time was about noon and they were a few miles from their destination. One of his servants, who was a butler, lagged behind the caravan. He noticed that a dog was following him, exhausted due to heat and thirst.

He thought he could quench the dog’s thirst with his water.

He pitied the dog and decided to give it some water, but he noticed that he had nothing but his master’s cup to feed it with. If he quenched the dog’s thirst with this cup, he would be punished severely, and would be at risk of imprisonment or exile.

Nevertheless, he could not tolerate depriving it of water, so he fed the dog and hurried ahead to catch up with the caravan. This butler said that since then, his worldly condition had changed for the better, and all his difficulties have been resolved. Everything became easy for him, and it looked like something or someone was helping him. Of course, I had no doubt that it was God’s reward for him treating that animal with kindness. Since then, he has progressed from being a butler to attaining a high level in the ministry.

Mahdi’s father continued, “If someone acts righteously, it may benefit them in this world too, but we must act righteously only for God’s satisfaction and happiness, and must not expect a reward.”

One day, a man came across a tired, thirsty dog. He wanted to help the dog, and so tied his turban like a rope to his hat, and lowered the hat into the well. He retrieved some water and fed it to the thirsty dog. The Prophet informed us that all of the man’s sins were then forgiven.


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Is there a prohibition to take care of dogs in the rule in Islam, because I just to know it is haram if exposed to saliva alone?

asked Oct 19 '12 at 2:18
If the dog is yours, the dog's purpose may be important here. Pet? Hunting? Guard? If the dog is simply in your care (say, as a veterinarian) it may be different. It might be useful to add more context. – Marc GravellOct 19 '12 at 9:58 
According to Shia, it is not forbidden but only discouraged as a pet, it is unclean and put you in trouble when you need to be clean, for example for praying and etc., also your dishes may become unclean and ... – owariOct 19 '12 at 21:24

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Can a shia keep a dog as a pet in the house ?

Why do their scholars say about dogs ? Is it the same like in the sunni beliefs that dogs are unclean ,you should make wudu if you touched their saliva and the angels don't enter the house if there's a dog inside it? 

Any sayings of the prophet or imams about it ? 

Thanks for the answers.


 Best Answer:  Salaamun alaykum, 

The reply to the following question about keeping a dog was kindly 
provided by Shaykh Hasnain Kassamali. 


Mustafa Rawji 
Moderator, 'Aalim Network 


Would you be so kind as to explain the circumstances & the guidelines 
under which a momin would be able to keep a dog as a pet. 

We live on a large parcel of land and with all the criminal activity these 
days we have entertained having a guard dog on the premises. It would 
always be outside and would never enter the living quarters. 

Is there anyway to accomplish both, have a dog and still meet the Islamic 

Also, I understand a dog by the name of Tatmir will be allowed into 
heaven; if it is truly "Najis", why then the exception? 

Thanks in advance for your response. 



In His name, the Beneficent, the Merciful. 

Wa-`alaykum as-salaam. 

Islamically there is no problem in keeping a guard dog on your premises. 
Since dogs (and pigs) are from Najisul `ayn (inherently impure) animals, you 
will have to make sure that they do not lick the areas which are always 
supposed to remain tahir, such as place of prayers, place where sacred 
things like the Holy Qur'an and sajdagha (turbah) are kept. Also, do not eat 
or drink from the utensils which have been licked by the dog, unless you 
have cleansed it by rubbing with wet clean earth and then washing it with 
water. Sometimes your dog will cling to your clothes (say, pants) then such 
clothes should not be worn for salat. 

The dog which accompanied Ashabul Kahf (people of the cave) has been named 
in some accounts as KITMIR. Some people believe that it will go to Jannat. 
Perhaps, its accompanying the youths who stood up for tawheed (absolute 
unity of God) against the mushrik (polytheist) king of their time may have 
cleansed him from other external impurities. In any case, such issues (why 
a particular dog will go to Jannat?) do not have any bearing to the noble 
teachings of Islam. God knows best. 

With salaams and du`as. 

(References: Islamic Law by Syd Seestani, Elements of Islamic Studies by S. 
S. Akhtar Rizvi, commentaries to surah 18 of the Qur'an). 

Hasnain Kassamali 
Humble servant of the Ahlul Bayt (a).
Guardian · 8 years ago

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5 hours ago, E.L King said:

Which scholars forbid buying or selling pets? I have only heard of prohibition of selling and buying dogs and pigs.

Thanks. I edited. 

It was what I meant to type but didn't. 

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