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Peace and condolence

السلام على الشيب الخضيب السلام على الخد التريب ، السلام على جسد السليب ، السلام على الرأس القطيع ، السلام عليك يا أبا عبدالله الحسين ، السلام على من أريق بالظلم دمه ، وسبيت حرمه و أيتامه ، السلام على من غسله دمه ونشيج الرياح أكفانه ، وفي قلب من والاه قبره ، عليك مني سلام الله أبداً ما بقيت وبقي الليل والنهار.

Greetings upon the stained grey hair (with blood), Greetings upon the cheek laying on sand. Greetings upon the naked body (stolen clothes), Greetings upon the beheaded head. Greetings upon you O aba Abdillah. Greetings upon whom his blood was shed unjustly and his women and orphans were enslaved. Greetings upon whom his wash (ritual ghusl for dead) was his blood and the blowing wind was his kafan and in the heart of those loyal to him his grave. My salam from me upon you will last as long there is day and night.

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