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What do you despise the most?

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A lot of things in the world frustrate me but one of the many that angers me the most is people who text while they’re driving. Yesterday in Australia some lady was on her phone and she drove into a school killing two children it’s so upsetting and SO PREVENTABLE if people choose to be responsible when driving. 

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1 hour ago, Gaius I. Caesar said:

I can't stand the proud and cynical. Worthless, they are absolutely worthless to me.

You would hate me, I am a cynic, haha.

I myself can't stand hypocrites, if you want a principle to be applied to you, apply that principle yourself. 

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As a believer, this is what you should hate:

And know that among you is Allah's Apostle: were he in many matters to follow your (wishes) ye would certainly fall into misfortune: but Allah has endeared the Faith to you and has made it beautiful in your hearts and He has made hateful to you unbelief wickedness and rebellion: such indeed are those who walk in righteousness


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My list is going to be long. 

1. Bullies: people who just cannot spend a day without torturing someone. Even if they give gifts, or they have a lot of skills and they do favors for the people they torture, other people forgive them but it's very hard for me to forgive. 

2. Men who have affairs in front of their wives, especially if the affair is with someone from wife's family and the whole family is okay with this. I see this happening a lot and it boils my blood. Especially the shy and reserved men who don't have the courage, so they use their wives to play cupid for them. 

3. Men who are in love, I think they try to imitate the movies too much. They expect everyone to be in love with the girl they love which is ridiculous. Everyone has to follow their beloved and the religious men are always worried about other women feeling jealous of their favorite girl. They are always giving lectures on jealousy and sending lanat on all the jealous women. 

4. Narcissists: they use and manipulate people and they have so much power. Most people are mesmerized them and they don't realize they are being used, so they keep giving more power to narcissists. 

5. Cruel and promiscuous people, mostly these two characteristics are found in same people. I mean people who are promiscuous are also oppressive tyrants. 

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All cruel pitiless torturers who lived in the past or are alive now, including cruel kings and soldiers, .... wicked clergymen who sacrificed innocent children for their fake gods. And all child abusers and animal abusers for the most hateful people are those who are cruel to the most innocent defenceless creatures.

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