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Adoption/Kafala of Shia Orphans in the West

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Why do most muslim countries prohibit muslim couples/singles in the west from adopting guardianship of orphans in the middle-east? Even if you're a national of the country but reside in the west, it's prohibited. 

I know of muslim couples personally who would be happy to adopt an orphan child from a muslim country but can't. I appreciate the risk of losing cultural/religious exposure, but that doesn't justify the poorer living conditions many of these orphans experience. They lose out on a better life and greater opportunities! There is also the fear of abuse, but I'm certain these orphans would be more vulnerable alone than with a guardian. Institutes- no matter how well presented- are not good enough. A child needs affection and personal attention. In particular, I was looking at adoption/kafala processes in Iraq. These are difficult even for residents in Iraq. I researched in arabic too, but again, you can't adopt nor request kafala of a child unless you live in the country. Extended family members, regardless of their living conditions or history, will be given the priority. That's worrisome especially because abuse within the family may be overlooked. 

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