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Ya Ali Mola

Music about Imam Ali (a.s)?

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Salam, I think that listening to nasheeds/noha/latmiya is ok according to almost all of our scholars, though some are harsher than others on for example, the tune of the music, or using musical instruments. If you are a follower of Sayed Shirazi (ha) you can't use instruments.


Ayatollah Sayed al-Sistani (ha) says: 

Question: Is it permissible to listen to religious songs in praise of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) that are accompanied with music?

Answer: Songs (al-ghinã’) are harãm absolutely. However, singing praise [of the Prophet or the Ahlul Bayt] that is sung with a good tune but is not in ghinã’ form is without problem.
As for the music, it would be allowed, if it is not suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings.


Ayatollah Sayed Reza Hosseini-Nassab:

I have a question about music according to Ahlul-Bayt. Is music Haram? Are any forms of music or songs permissible? 
[rest of question is irrelevant]

We cannot say that all types of music are prohibited. 
The music which is suitable for Debauchery ceremonies is Haram. 
The women cannot sing for the men, and the music must be without negative message. 
The rest, like music which praises the prophet (sawas) and imams (as), or encourages people for good ethics such as love, mercy, braveness and other good morality, using musical instruments, is  permissible


Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi

Question: Can we sing song in marriages without music is that allowed with daf or drum?

If the lyrics sang are commonly known as songs, for example they are sang by singing stars, then it is Haraam to do so. However traditionally there are poems, lyrics or Nasheed, as referred to in Arabic, which are not commonly regarded as songs, and have normally been recited on wedding occasions are allowed to be recited in weddings.


Ayatollah Sayed Muhammad Sa'eed al-Hakeem

Question : Can we be present at an Islamic wedding, where people are performing Islamic songs?

Answer : All kinds of songs are prohibited except ones performed by women for the women in weddings without the presence of men and without music.
It is permissible to recite nasheeds without tunes that cause rapture in religious ceremonies or social happy gatherings.

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it depends on that your experience and your marja  you can visit Islamic pulse channel on youtube to see Biskit clip about music& other aspects of shia islam he follows ayt Sistani .

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