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Abdullah ibn Masud

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4 hours ago, Malikuddin said:

What is the Twelver opinion on Abdullah ibn Masud?

Salam. Abdullah ibn Masood was one of the principal companions of Prophet Muhammad SA. Uthman used to ask him what would the Prophet SA do in certain situations. Because of his good advice Uthman made him the treasurer of Kufa. When he asked Walid to repay a loan and he didn't, Abdullah ibn Masood informed Uthman about that. Surprisingly, Uthman told him Walid didn't need to repay the loan, so Abdullah ibn Masood stopped being the treasurer and started criticizing Uthman's policies. Walid sent Abdullah ibn Masood back to the Holy City of Medina and Uthman's men threw him out of the mosque and broke his ribs. Imam Ali AS crticized Uthman for this and took Abdullah ibn Masood to his house to take care of him.


But Uthman was not satisfied with what he had done. After breaking the ribs of Abdullah ibn Masood, he stopped payment of his pension, and forbade him to leave Medina. Ibn Masood wished to go to Syria and to take part in the campaigns but Uthman repeated what he had heard Marwan saying: “He has created enough trouble in Kufa; do not let him do the same in Syria.”

It is reported that Uthman's men broke into Abdullah ibn Masood's house and stole his own copy of the Holy Qur'an and Uthman ordered it to be burned. You can read more about it here:


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