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Stressing out a pregnant woman

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4 hours ago, Sisterfatima1 said:

What is the Islamic rulings of this 

I know it’s bad 

but what are laws and rulings on it 

or laying your hand on pregnant woman

I think before asking about the legal permissibility, you should consult your nearest therapist about it, preferably a muslim therapist. Also if domestic violence is involved and so much as a slight red mark or skin discoloration appears on her body that was not self-inflicted, then in a secular country the man can be reported to the police and in a muslim country can at a minimum be lashed and possibly jailed, if forensic evidence establishes a positive link between marks on her body and her husband or another man causing them. Therefore, regardless of if it is you or a woman you know, you should not do things like shower and instead after an attack occurs go to a police station or muslim court and they should be able to collect DNA evidence from the person's body. 

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@Ashvazdanghe @Sisterfatima1

I finally got an answer from Sistani's office.


In the Name of God, the Most High



It is not permissible.


May Allah grant you success.


Istifta Section - Office of His Eminence Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani

Here's the question I asked:


Question: What is the Islamic ruling on harassing and stressing out an pregnant woman?

So yes, it is haram for anyone to harass or stress out a pregnant woman.

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