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need SHIA Quran translation and prayer times

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I would like to see reliable / trustworthy shia Quran translation site or sites and also for the Prayer times. 
In this video , around 1:00 ,  a Quraniq verse is shared. 
In the video two different translation's are shown.

When I read Shakir's english translation , it was the same as the non-shia translation int his video. While some said he was maybe a Shia and his tafsir was good. Can we conclude now that that is not the case ?
Second on praytime.info wich is also considered as a Shia site for Shia and Sunni muslims , the same Non-shia translation is given about the verse   4:24 

What am I missing here ?   Does somebody know wich translation source is used or a possible one for the translation in the video ? Thus a shia translation. 
After reading the following page i think it is a site for shia and sunni muslims , that is why they give different calculation methods for prayer , but I do not know if this "  group of muslims " is only shia or not.. http://praytime.info/about.html

Your thought's ? 
Thank you in advance and may Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى grant you succes

Edited by Mohammed-Mehdi

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