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      Salaam, I've recently starting wearing hijab for about a year now and suddenly I've been feeling like taking it off. I don't feel like myself in it. I feel that I was much more religious before the hijab.  I feel like I'm losing myself in the hijab. I wear makeup everyday because I don't like how I look without it. Also, I know I am not wearing the proper hijab. Does this all negate the purpose of wearing the hijab? Is there any purpose of the hijab I am already wearing? Is it a bigger sin to take off the hijab than not wearing one at all? And if I decide to wear it again in the future, will God accept it? Please help.
    • http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2017/11/19/542786/arab-league-saudi-arabia-iran-meeting True color, desperation will not change anything to human who have been mesmerized.
    • Yeah, I know a set of parents that we’re doing the same thing for their daughter. Kept rejecting guys because they didn’t feel he was up to par. The guys info wouldn’t even make it to get to accept/reject. Their daughter is now 40 and unmarried. They rejected so many guys that people just stopped approaching her. 
    • It absolutely leads to sin unless you are a fantastic mu'min. And yes, although they might not turn to haram in terms of having relationships with girls, but you can't tell me you didn't see these guys talk about some girls in lustful ways or look at them in such a way. Furthermore, and something we seem to forget, is that in these gender mixed schools there is gender mixing in everything. In sport, as an example. Boys turn to watching filthy films whether they are in segregated or gender mixed schools.
    • No brother. What I do is this: I pray 17 rakaat Qadha prays everyday plus 11 rakaats Salaat-ul-layl. Salaat-ul-layl is something that does NOT have any replacement. It gives you good feeling. It really gives human being feeling of being in heaven. If you do Salaat-ul-layl, keep going. It guarantees both Dunya and Akherah.