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I feel jealousy is a good thing 

I have hered  if a man is jealous it isn’t healthy 

but for my personal opinion I would rather jealousy then a non jealous man it would feel like he didn’t care 

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I guess it depends what you're referring to. I have a feeling it's about a man being jealous over his wife/woman he loves?

If so, jealousy is both a good and bag thing, but bad in specific forms. When a man is jealous it should be because he cares for the woman and loves her and is protective of her, nothing else. Sometimes men are too jealous and it becomes sick, almost a madness. It should never be like that if the man really cared, then again, every person has their own way of coping with things..

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3 hours ago, Smiles786 said:

Jealously is never a good thing. It can only lead to a person's downfall. It consumes people and ruins lives

If jealousy is translated into gheera, as some have translated, then:

Nahj Ul-Balagha: Imam Ali (as) says; Jealousy in woman is kufr but in man it is a imaan.

In fact, gheera (jealousy) is a praised trait for men in Islam, in that case. Abu Al-Fadhl Al-Abbas (as), one of his titles is Abu Al-Gheera (it would be: Father of Jealousy).

Others have translated gheyrah into zeal. Either way, there is no equality in this case. 

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7 hours ago, Farwa Jawad said:

Jealousy and Caring are different.

Jealousy is that one is feeling upset of other's wealth or something you do not have. And in state of jealousy one can do anything to take it away from him or her or have it. But caring is opposite. 


In this hadith, the word "hasood" is used, which is targeted towards the envious type of jealousy.

What I believe the O.P is talking about, is the jealousy between a man and his wife, which has mentioned to be a good thing for a man, if that is how gheyrah is translated from Arabic.

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