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Whats one unusual or rare fruit you have eaten?

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What about feijoa? I've only encountered them in New Zealand where they seem plentiful and popular but wikipedia says:

 It comes from the highlands of southern Brazil, parts of Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay and northern Argentina. They are also grown throughout Azerbaijan , Iran (Ramsar) , Georgia, Russia (Sochi) and New Zealand.

Very sweet and tasty


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3 hours ago, Heavenly_Silk said:

This fruit is called "Buddha's hand" and originates in the far east where most citrus fruits originate. Has anyone tried this? I don't think I ever want to try it, it reminds me of something out of the Alien movie! :scarerun:


Ah, the Cthulhu fruit 

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3 hours ago, E.L King said:

What is it?

Bismehe Ta3ala,

Assalam Alikum brother

Why aren't you sharing any special fruit in 3raq.  I know you are famous for delicious dates and sweets.  Tell us about al mani wal salwa!

We call it generic.  

Green gage in english.  

Nobody cared for the huge grapefruit? Lol. But it's not a grapefruit, it is another type of fruit


الجنارك أو البرقوق الأخضر أو الشاهلوج (بالإنجليزيةGreengageجنارك (الاسم العلمي:Prunus domestica italica) هو نويع من النباتات يتبع نوع الخوخ المستأنس من الجنس الخوخ.[

M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah 

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On Sunday, November 05, 2017 at 1:12 AM, notme said:

@Laayla you have so many unusual fruits!

My one persimmon didn't look so orange as the one you posted. I suspect now the birds left it because it wasn't ripe. 

Bismehe Ta3ala,

Assalam Alikum Sister Me,

Insh'Allah you are well and in good health.

All season round we have have delicious fruits available.


Recognize this fruit?


Correct dear sis

M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah 

Edited by Laayla

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