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Need help with my situation

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Salam. I need some advice for my situation,

I'm a 17 year old living in the West,  & I moved here about 3 years ago. I wouldn't say I'm very religious, but I'm trying and I feel like my beliefs are constantly challenged living here. Like the idea of the existence of God, more than half of my school is atheist. We have teachers indirectly 'mocking' religions and stating that if there were no religions, the world would be so much peaceful etc. You get the point. This led me to constantly have doubts, specially when I first moved here from the Middle East, my first year here in the West was the hardest for me. & alhamdullilah I try and make time to study about Islam every day and about the lives of the Imams. My parents are religious as well and we go to majalis every day in the months of Muharrum and Safar, and in general we go to the mosque every Thursday night which has also helped me so much. But because I am in highschool, sometimes I get overwhelmed with all my assignments, due dates, mid terms, final exams, I just lose focus and sometimes I'm not able to think about anything else other than school and my work. This makes me feel very distant from Allah swt and I really dislike the feeling. Then when I go to school and see all these atheists mocking religion and God, I constantly have doubts and they just won't go away. I've also had the blessing of seeing the Imams in my dreams many times and whenever I'm not concentrating enough in my prayers, or doing much about my religion, I always get signs from God in my dreams. And it's not like I'm seeing these dreams just because I feel this way, but I get these dreams when I'm not even thinking too much about my religion.

 SO, I don't really know if I made too much sense, but I seriously don't know what to do sometimes. Why am I constantly having these doubts even though I'm quite knowledgeable about my religion? I also feel as if I'm not able to balance out my highschool life and my religion. How do you guys live amongst these atheists and don't let it affect your Imaan?  I never miss the obligatory salah, alhamdullilah, but I feel like it isn't enough and I should be doing more but sometimes I just don't have time, and then I see these dreams where Allah swt is upset with me. It's like a 'wake up' call from Allah. I really don't know what to do. I get thoughts like when Imam Zaman(as) comes, I wouldn't support him because I'm not strong enough in my beliefs.

Is there any books you would suggest I read? Or any duaas I should recite for staying steadfast in my faith? How do I let these people not affect me?


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As a teacher myself, it is sad that some of them show no respect for knowledge and facts. Atheism, at a state level, has killed more people than any other religion in the world.

It is also interesting to see this constant pride in being atheist, as if it was a sign of being a cultivated person. Indeed, greatest scientific advancements we enjoy today were reached by Christians, Jews and Muslims. Remind your Biology teacher who discovered genetics, your history teacher who is the father of sociology, your maths teacher who brought algebra to the world.

You are not the one needing help, actually they are.

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