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Go Away !

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A half-serious--half-joking thread.

l believe [a member] first expressed this --in reference to A-dorable Hillar (Clanton).

So being aggravated by American Nutwork news,  who do wish to "Go Away".

Entertainment personalities, politician, TV, radio, ...   from any country.

l wish for Nancy Pelosi to just-go-away.

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Ugh! All of them! 

There isn't one high level politician who is honest and ethical. Reality stars need to go back home and get out of the media. Why does anyone care? Does anyone care? Who is paying attention to these losers? Most actors, directors, producers are a bunch of disgusting perverts. Professional athletes, team owners, and managers are pathetic overpaid posers.

Pretty much I'd like to see no famous people at all. None of them are worth our attention. Even the famous people who I like, I find it unlikely that I'd like most of them in real life. 

Also, let's shut down all major US media outlets. News as it used to be back when I was a kid doesn't exist in the United States anymore. We are better off getting our news from outside. 


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