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1 hour ago, Dhulfikar said:

Salaam Aleikum,

Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى loves those who give much Thanks to Him, but a question arise, what is "much"? Do we have hadiths about the issue of much thankfulness?

when the Quran says "much", for example, "those who remember God much", it means that it cannot be quantified.  It means that there is no limit (hadd).   For everything in Shariah there is a prescribed limit.  Fasting, for example, is from dawn till dusk.  Zakat is obligatory on certain people who have wealth.  Hajj is during a specified time.  Prayers is performed during certain times as well.   

It is only the remembrance of God which has no limits.  So the more you are in dhikr, the better.  In fact, it ought to be done at all times, at every moment.  Thankfulness or Gratefulness (shukr) is a form of remembrance.   When one is not remembering God in any given moment they are not acknowledging (or being grateful to) their creator for that moment.  This is why the opposite of shukr is kufr.  And this is why having iman is intimately connected to having shukr.  Just as one should never be in kufr, so also one should never be ungrateful.  When one is not grateful they are ungrateful.  

But more importantly, your question seems to wrongly presume that shukr / or dhikr is a kind of act.  The dhikr which is to be performed at every moment is not really an act at all.  It has to do with the state of your being.  Your being is in dhikr, so you don't have "to do" anything.  

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6 hours ago, power said:

As in the hadith recited, in response to a question about thankfulness, the Prophet -s.a.w.s. replied using the word "grateful" --which among other places can be revealed in Ayat 76:3.

"Thankfulness" is acknowledging a momentary favor or kindness. Gratitude is longer an indicates an attitude. lnchanging the words, while common, does not alter the nuance of meaning.

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