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Banning of shia Islam in Malaysia

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I think all this shiit-sunni conflicts are just politics.. Politicians took advantage of naive people, and created artificial conflict, which became real since they brainwashed poor people.. politicians see their benefits by doing this

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5 minutes ago, myouvial said:

I feel Indonesian people are allergic to hear the word of 'shi'ah'. So, i wonder where the news come from.


Scroll down until you see Indonesia; There are two Shia mosques or foundations on the island of Timur, one in Jakarta. Must not be that allergic.

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hi the allergicness  to shia Islam spreading by Saudi dollars and blind followers of Wahabism around the world. 

Our Imams had & has this problem but they spread Shia Islam by good behaviour not by forcing people.

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Tabel Intoleran

Yogyakarta has been famous as the Javanese cultural capital and a center of excellence. It has been a peaceful melting pot where people from around the world enjoy living thanks to its friendliness and affordable costs, but an increasing number of violent incidents has threatened its status as a “city of tolerance”.

by Bambang Muryanto


Homogenizing Indonesian Islam: Persecution of the Shia Group in Yogyakarta

Al Makin



This article studies “the homogenizing movement” in Indonesian Islam propagated by conservative Sunni groups in the form of persecuting minorities. However, this paper particularly focuses on the case of a Shia intellectual group in Yogyakarta called Rausyan Fikr which was persecuted by the radical Indonesian Jihad Front (FJI) group in November and December 2013. This paper finds that the scenario to terrorize the Rausyan was not an isolated incident, but the case is part of a grand homogenizing movement in the country. In addition, the anti-Shia propaganda was planned by local perpetrators and national actors: local radicals who persecuted the Shia and conservative activists who propagated anti-Shia ideology in national level. This paper offers fresh accounts of the two new forces which played vital roles in the Rausyan incident: the activists of the Council of Young Intellectual Ulama of Indonesia (MIUMI), who propagated anti-Shia sentiment, and the radical group FJI, which was directly responsible for terrorizing the Shia in Yogyakarta.


The scenarios of Shia persecution

Muslim and Minority: Shias’ Struggle in Indonesia

Monday, 27 June 2016 - 10:52:56 WIB 

By : Wulan Kusuma Wardhani | Category: Faith & Spirituality - 6914 hits - 3 share

endless-sunni-shia-sectarianism-indonesia (2015)


https://www.revolvy.com/main/index.php?s=Shia Islam in Indonesia




Displaced Indonesian Shia pressured to become Sunnis

Emma Younger

Updated 17 Jan 2013, 8:48am





Indonesian Shias persecuted as 'heretics' live in limbo

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