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The Decree

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سبحان الله

Salam Alaikum, oh people around the globe!

Jazak Allah Khair!


Oh people,

This is a decree from your noble Lord,

He who has granted us provision in this Ard,

Where we have received time by His command,

That we may find the Path that belongs to Him,

Protected by the Accursed Shaytan.


Oh people,

My ancestors are yours,

You share with me the same limbs,

Believe like the Righteous believe,

And do not follow your current beliefs,

For thy Lord has chosen us to be among His Party.


Oh people,

By your life and by your voice,

Do not kill those who are innocent,

Abandon this practice,

Do not act wrong against this decree,

For thy Lord is the Sustainer, the Magnificent.


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