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Ali al-Dheeb

Imam Sadiq (s) says that alot of ppl aren't shias?

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As-salamu 3alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatouh

There is this hadith that I found in French (couldn't find it in english): « N'est pas non plus de nos Chiites celui qui habite une ville de cent mille habitants ou davantage, parmi lesquels il y a quelqu'un qui est plus pieux que lui » 

Which means: « Isn't part of our Shias, the one who lives in a city with 100000 inhabitants or more, which there is in that city someone that is more pious than him »

Does that mean alot of us aren't shias? Thank you.

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Nor is it of our Shi'ites who lives in a city of a hundred thousand or more inhabitants, among whom there is someone who is more pious than him


Man we don't follow our Prophet (SAWW) and Imams (a.s) as we should. 

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