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Jihad and the resistance

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Salam ..

I am not hizbullah, I however know alot of Hizbullah and live around them, I feel by writing this post I am doing my part in supporting their noble cause

You are sitting at home eating lunch.. you check your phone to see a message from your friend inviting you to go watch a film later in the evening. You enjoy a nice ride in the mountains with your SO. You work on painting the walls in your shop a new color. You take your kids out for ice cream. These are things you enjoy in a country of peace. Lebanon has been enjoying this peace for 11 years now. Since 2006 there has been no war inside of Lebanon except the small scuffles on the border between the army and takfiris. These are even considered to be on the Syrian side and not the Lebanese side.

You turn on the news and hear that 100000 men with beards just stormed into Syria raping and beheading anything that moves in their path all in the name of Islam. Their biggest enemy... the "Shia"
The kufar and rafidi.. all indoctrinated by the satanic wahhabi cult and uncle sam agents, ready to swarm the middle east and eat a shia heart out of his body. You turn off the news.. and go back to your play station game...

Why should you do anything about it? It is none of your business right?

A western shia's perspective is.. well these people are in the mess, they HAVE to fight... it really is not the case at all. No one in Lebanon has to fight. No one is recruited or forced into hizbullah. They can just sit and enjoy their shishas and women. Ignore the takfiris.. and go along their lives.

Truth is, many young and old men just like you and me who feel like they owe a service to Allah, to Mohammed saaw, to Hussein a.s... leave this life of peace to go in service for Ahul beyt. they sign up their services not for money, not for fame, they do it only for God's love.

Is fighting these abominations of humans not a worthy Jihad? That is not up to you decide. I think all marjas agree that killing of ISIS is halal and a legit Jihad. 

Hizbullah is an organization formed out of resistance of oppression from Israel, What separates it from most armies/militias in the world is its shia ness.. This is the most important thing. What makes hizbullah, or the revolutionary gaurds, hashd el sha3bi, or houthis strong is not their weapons... God know these are the poorest armies in the world..What makes them strong is their iman. Their closeness to God. If you are in hizbullah, the only thing required of you is to be a good muslim.. if you do anything haram, they will not punish you. They will only kick you out of the group. 
Never will anyone force anyone to fight. All hizbullahs and resistance fighter are volunteers.

Hizbullah does not fight for power, nor does it fight for money

Not one village that hizbullah liberated from lebanon and Syria has been taken control by hizbullah, Not one inch of soil even though christian druze or sunni, liberated by the shia movement has every been claimed by them. They return to their own villages and hand over the land back to their owners.

So what have they to gain? 
They don't.. they only lose.. they lose sons and fathers.. This movement is only sacrificing their blood and souls for imam Hussein a.s. These people get in buses and go hundred and thousands of kilometers away from their wives and homes to fight ISIS

My purpose of writing this is to shut all of the so called shias on this site who criticize hizbullah and the resistance while they do nothing. You are not worth a toenail of these men. You have no understanding of the meaning of sacrifice for God. You are only doing service to the dajjal which you have failed to recognize. Even writing good about these men and supporting them verbally is a form of jihad which you also fail to recognize as a pillar of islam.

May Allah forgive your ignorance and arrogance, You know who you are. May Allah bless the mujahideen and grant them victory. 

Are they not shia muslms after all? Or are you a takfiri too?

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so, why didn''t you go and fight?- instead you can your buddies keep arguing on the chat channel , proving who is superior like children.?.

Statistically writing, how many shias hate Hizbullah? - mostly a small minority that derive something in exchange for that hate. Any rational being knows from the outside that it is a resistant movement, but like all movements or groups, they make have internal disagreements or ideas that those on the outside cannot relate too.

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Nice post brother, without Hezbollah I don't know if Lebanon would even be alive today. It all started with a group of Shi'as who had no money or weapons to defend themselves, to becoming the most powerful organization in the planet that's capable of defeating Israel if it wanted to. Allah (awj) gifted them success and power because they had so much iman. Lebanon is 20-30% Sunni with towns and cities that are mainly Sunni, and if Hezbollah wanted to they can easily control the entire Sunni region with no sweat, and force them to convert to Shi'ism or die. But instead, they leave them in peace to live their lives despite their hatred and behavior towards Shi'as. Hezbollah are the true lovers of the Ahlulbayt (as).

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