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Any well-made materials for learning Persian?

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I was reading this beautiful article (1) about how easy it is to learn Persian for someone with a europian language, however; it mentioned 3 draw-backs:

1-Arabic alphabet used in Persian.

2-Arabic loanwords.

3-Lack of opportunity to use it.

Which -As a native Arab/Shia- should actually be an advantage, but as a native Arab bilingual with English, I am actually having a different situation while learning it;

1-English books usually use Latin letters to represent sounds of Persian, which is extremely irritating for me as the alphabet is actually an advantage for me and it allows me to understand those Arabic loanwords.

2-The structure of the language is more similar to English than to Arabic, which is why I want a book that teaches Persian from English.

To sum this up; is there an English/Persian learning book that uses Arabic alphabet -when quoting Persian's language- more?



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http://www.easypersian.com always gets a mention but it is excellent. It starts off teaching the persian alphabet but uses both alphabets. 

Pimsleur's persian is a good way to get the sound of the language and to practice speaking if, like me, you don't have any actual real-life persian speaking friends to practice with. Kinda expensive but maybe you can source it for less...


Persian Grammar for reference and revision by John Mace is good, but as the title says it's a grammar reference rather than an all-round language text. But when you have a specific query about persian grammar it's an excellent place to find the answer.  It's in english but persian words are written in persian script. 


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