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Romanov sisters (of the czar of Russia)

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19 minutes ago, sidnaq said:

How did the Romanov's downfall impact Russia?What would happen if The Romanov family still ruled Russia?

Well, would probably end up as a constitutional monarchy but highly unlikely. The Russian people were frustrated with expenses, food shortages and military failures of the Eastern Front. Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks were able to tap into that anger and start the October Revolution as a result.

The fall of the Romanovs is the catalyst for the Soviet Union and it inspired countries like China, Cambodia, Vietnam and North Korea

If the Romanovs still ruled, there would have been no Soviet Union, no Cold War, no Space Race. No Iranian Revolution either, because there wouldn't be any need for the United States infiltrate and spy on Iran because the fear of communists would be nonexistent. Khomeini would probably stayed and studied in Najaf and basically unheard of in the West. Consequently, Shah would probably still be ruling in Iran. China would have been a republic under the Kuomintang party and Korea would still be united.

Without the Space Race, we wouldn't have the technology we have today and I probably wouldn't be talking to you.

58 minutes ago, sidnaq said:

why was the Romanov family so romanticized ?

Because for longest time, their deaths were a something of a mystery. They were shot execution style and their palaces were looted by the Soviets, but nobody knew what happened to their bodies until recently.

Plus there were numerous claims to be one of the long lost Romanovs which intrigued many people, myself included but they were all fake.


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1 hour ago, sidnaq said:

How did the Romanov's downfall impact Russia?What would happen if The Romanov family still ruled Russia?

The murder of the Romanovs eliminated a rally point for counter-revolutionary activity.

Tsar Nicholas is one of the historical figures that the more you know about him the more your disgust increases.

Lf they still continued in power, then there'd be more "tsar bends" in railroads and such.

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