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Salamun Alaykum.

I need to talk to some Iranians out here. I want to migrate Iran and want to discuss about the culture, life and job scenario of Iran. I have only known Iran from pictures and videos. I want to know in depth about Iran so that I can begin my phase of life in Iran. I love Iran because it has given us World Best Leaders, the most pious ones, the most courageous ones. Qom is the city of Ahlulbayt too.


Please inbox me if you're an Iranian :)

Am about to be a final year student with 2 semesters left for my graduation to be completed. I did my majors in Computer Science from India. (I don't like my country though).

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1 hour ago, shadow_of_light said:


What do you want to know?

How is the culture in Iran. Daily life and how good are schools and universities? What is the job scenario? Is Pay Scale good?

How is the hospitality of Iran. Do they accept an outsider with love? 

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Culture? I really dont know what to say because it is a very general question. Maybe if you ask more precise question, I will be able to answer.

As to schools and universities, people have different opinions. I loved my schools and my teachers but if you ask this question from another person, he/ she may have negative opinions.

All schools in Iran except those in villages, are segregated so there are schools for boys and schools for girls.

As to universities...what do you exactly want to know?

Unemployment rate is rather high in Iran specially in small towns and villages and it is why many people immigrate to bigger cities like Tehran.

I will answer the rest of questions later because I should go out now.

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Pay scale...it depends on your job, your post, your CV (resume), your education, ....Unfortunately, most workers and farmers dont have enough incomes.

Hospitality...again it depends. People are different. Some people may be kind to you and some not. I think that some non-Iranian muslims have an ideal image of Iran in their minds. So when they visit Iran, they may become surprised or even disappointed. Iran isnt an ideal country and the people are not ideal. There are good and bad people here like anywhere else.

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