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Abu Nur

Rawa and Al-Qaim operations west Anbar

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Prayers with the Iraqi army as they liberate the last bits of their country from these monsters, I hope this is the start of a period peace. I think Abadi has to make sure he eliminates sectarianism as much as possible from his manifesto, all sectarian ministers should be fired and replaced, to allow for peace between sects and prevent similar extremist groups from rising up again.

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- PMU captured al-Qaim Iraq-Syria border crossing.

Iraqi Forces have captured Al-Karableh sub-district and Al-Qaim train station

- Counter Terrorism Forces: the central neighbourhoods of al-Qa'im will be stormed in the coming hours. Iraq

Iraqi Army and PMU 2nd Div now enter Saada neighbourhood of inside last ISIS-held city in Iraq, Al-Qaim East sector


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6 hours ago, Dhulfikar said:

The Iraqi Forces have captured Al-Qaim and clashes in Al-Rummanah sub-district.

Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa Ali Muhammad

سبحان الله

All Praise and Glory be upon Allah,

Who has granted the Followers of the Prophets and Messengers,

The upperhand with His Mercy,

In the name of the mourning of Husayn,

The victory shall be upon his Revolution,

For by the time until Arba’een,

The victory is upon the Shia.


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